It's been a while.

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So, today, I had just come back from a walk, and was generally watching TV with my mom, and she randomly says, "I can't imagine you married and with kids. Can you?". I just gave her a look and made a funny face, all geared up to joke about how I'd probably be less mature that my newborn, when all of a sudden she goes, "You're not a lesbian, are you?"
Hmm. I'm a very bad liar. So no point in saying, "no." So I just sat down, 'coolly', and said, well, we will see about all that. Inside, I was all, FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!
And she said, "I thought you would be all shocked and say nooo! But you're saying we'll see and all!"
I didn't say anything. End of conversation.
Can I just say, aaargh.
At least she didn't say "gays are disgusting", or anything like that. But I am so not ready for her to know. Plus, I don't even know, myself.


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That is unlikely to be a random topic, she probably has a suspicion.

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Yes, I think so too. I don't

Yes, I think so too.
I don't want to be so obvious.
And I don't really want to talk with her about this right now.
I had planned to tell them much much later, and now seems way too soon.
I just want to know what to say if she asks again, because I tend to get completely tongue tied and .. it becomes pretty obvious.