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Whats the next worst thing compared to your love live being in tatters?
Your schoolwork.
Having a crap weekend trying to complete something, that just wont go away.
cant concentrate
cant focus
I just don't know where to turn.
i have little words to say :|


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I'm betting on you...

...finding a way! :)

Sorry, though, about your love life...

And... oh yes... here's wishing you a bit belated (3 days?) happy birthday!

btw... You've been scarce of late; bad habit!

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ha yes yes i now have not been present for a while, i simply have had not anything interesting to write upon. And thanks for the birthday comment! :)

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I can relate. I have no love

I can relate. I have no love life. And I have AP exams, finals, and last minute projects all in the next two weeks.

Good news is, both things aren't forever. You won't be overburdened with schoolwork forever, that load will get lighter. And your love life will improve eventually. Don't get too discouraged.

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I am just the same. By the 21st may i will be free of all this madness. I honestly can not wait. Some of my friends are like "Oh no what are going to do for the next 3 weeks (we go back after that but only for a few weeks and there is no exams or coursework deadlines!), i am going to be so bored!". At that point I want to punch them in the face. But yeah my love life is just non-esistent. Its just been a really problematic, long and not as productive as i wanted day, which is not want i need now.