Oh my god...

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It would so happen that the love of my life, my best friend, the peanut butter to my jelly... Is moving... Lucky me... I already have depression and bipolar disorder, not to mention my ADHD. So if anyone wants to give me advice, please feel free to do so before I die along with my shattered heart...



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Slow down there! Exactly how far is this person moving? If it's acouple hours' drive, you can have sleepovers on the weekends or take vacations near eachother. If it's farther, you can always ask your parents about having a family vacation wherever your friend is. Also, you can email, text, and videochat. Not to mention snail mail. It takes days to get there but can be a lot more heartfelt and personal than cybermail.
Depending on how old you are, you can try to plan on going to colleges near eachother.
But please don't die. That's not a very good solution--then you'd have to wait for years and years to be reunited, and your friend would be dead when you did. :(
Finally, make sure to spend LOTS of time together before they go. You could have a big Last Day where you go to all of your favorite places to hang out together. I did that w/ my nanny when i was little & she got fired & it's a treasured memory now. (For my example, we went to the big park I almost never got to go to but really liked, then out for cupcakes, then home to play our fave games. You can substitute in whatever places/restaurants/etc you want)
You can also make matching scrapbooks with nice photos & keepsakes. Then you could have the same memories of eachother.
Hope this helps!

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Her Move

Well, she's moving like five states away from here. And college... Well I'm only a freshman so... That's a little further away in my future. And the dying thing. I won't actually kill myself, But I do cut... Only if needed. And I stopped for a little while, because she didn't like it, but I started again...

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Skype, email, texting,

Skype, email, texting, calling, the Facebook, the Twitter...technology is your friend. Use it to stay in touch with her. You may even want to send her letters. Letters seem more personal somehow, at least for me. I would much rather receive a hand-written letter than a text.

If she's not moving incredibly far away, some occasional visits are possible. Just because she's moving doesn't mean you automatically stop being friends. Be persistent in staying in touch with her however possible if you truly value her friendship.

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I know we won't just stop

I know we won't just stop being friends but it's really sad since I love her so much... But I'll get over it...