Out in the Open LGBTQ Documentary Seeks Submissions

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RealStreaMedia is a production company in Los Angeles looking for participants in communities across the United States for it’s not for profit Documentary “Out in the Open”, premiering at OUTFEST, 2012.

“Out in the Open” is geared towards empowering LGBTQ youth all around the world by interviewing LGBTQ and Straight allies alike to create awareness and stop the abuse and bullying once and for all.

To participate, we are asking members of LGBTQ communities across the United States to create Youtube videos sharing their thoughts, feelings, concerns, experiences and opinions on the relevant topics that face LGBTQ youth today, for inclusion in the documentary “Out in the Open”.
RealStreaMedia is looking for video submissions that touch on, but are not limited to, the following LGBTQ related topics:
● LGBTQ rights.
● Gay marriage as a hot political topic, and how the 2012 presidential election will
affect this.
How do you feel about the current Presidential candidates and their views on LGBTQ rights such as Gay Marriage, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Job Discrimination, etc? Do you feel that this is a pivotal time for LGBTQ Rights? Do you feel that the results of the 2012 Presidential Election will greatly impact the future of LGBTQ rights? How might that play out? How do the political leaders in your community feel about LGBTQ rights?
● Bullying and hate crimes against LGBTQ members of the community.
Have you ever been, or are you currently being, bullied for your sexual orientation? Or, have you witnessed bullying of this sort in your community? What was your experience? What did you do? What do you think should be done about it?
● The media’s portrayal of LGBTQ characters in film and television.
Do you feel that the LGBTQ community is being adequately and accurately represented in films and television? What is the media doing right? What are they doing wrong? How does this affect you/your friends in your community? What do you think needs to change?
Have you ever experienced or witnessed Social-Networking bullying? Have you or any of your friends had hate-pages, or videos posted to bully you online? What did you do, or what do you think should be done to stop this?
● The news media’s responsibility and role in shaping LGBTQ rights.
Do you feel that the news media does enough to support LGBTQ rights as a human rights issue? How do you think they shape public opinion on this issue?

For more information on how to get involved, visit http://www.realstreamedia.com/#!out-in-the-open-project and download the PDF.

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