Punk rocker comes out as trans woman in Rolling Stone...

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Tom Gabel, of Against Me, came out as transgender in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (the article isn't available online yet), but it's an interesting read. It's the issue with Peter Dinklage on the cover.

Here's a teaser:


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read that the other day...

total shock. Guess you never can tell.

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Yes, I've heard about that.

Yes, I've heard about that. Very interesting. I heard something about some male lead singer of a heavy metal band undergoing surgery. He was of course your stereotypical rocker, so there really is no predicting that sort of thing. I thought it was pretty cool. My dad didn't though.

That along with the transgendered woman entering the Miss America competition (I think it's Miss America, I'm not sure), there's been a lot in the news recently about transgendered people.

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it was Miss Canada

yeah its shifting, in Britain we mock that America has all the news stories that are "tidbits" as actual newstories, its at the end of our news we say stuff like that, just before something awesome about a dog or cat (watch at this time is that a Dog won Britains Got Talent)

i like to think that all the Trans* were just waiting Like "the Lesbians, Gays and Bis and their time so the T is next, were up" i seems like that, maybe Queer or Questioning is next?

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Oh yeah,

I read about that on CNN. The amount of hate comments about Tom Gabel however were pretty disgusting though. I need to stop reading comments.