Random Update

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did ya hear?
Osama Bin Laden had a large amount of porn, Osama Bin Laden for like Osama Bin Wanken.

here i bet he had these pornos: the Suicide Bummer, the War on Terror jism, Te Jad Massive Tits & the best of all: Tora Bora Whora She Loves it Back Doora


ive got a Idea for a Story, Unnamed and Unmade yet, but it will be very sadistic and all the stuff i like.

in other news

ive been having Internet issues so ive had a Sky Broadband Modem, Delivered, fuck yea Unlimited Downloads, Unlimited Internet, Fast Connection, Fast Download and free Phone Calls for 3 months for only £7.50 a month, FUCK YEA!, it came today but we have to wait to the 14th for the Internet to actually work.

since my mums such a idiot to the extent i can't be left alone for 1 night (saturday) i have to take a Taxi From Kirkliston to Haddington, thats Across Mid & East Lothian thats a 1 hour drive that will cost at least, bare minimum £50, i don't even have a job, nobody has a fucking job now for 1 Exam then my dad has to pick me up.

my cousin Amy just had a baby i think hes Called Adrian or something like that.

nutting else


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Great titles!!!!!! LOL Sam

Great titles!!!!!! LOL


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i thought so


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(Joking, but true)

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not really

im said that against a individual not a race