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So I won the student bi-election. The whole ordeal made me realise who I could trust, that politics really is dirty, and a whole new level of nuance when reading people - and holy crap all the internal "drama" and external "issues" that need to be addressed.

What was amazing was the margin we won by and the people I beat. I won by a margin of almost 10% when there were seven candidates, two of which were even backed by official political parties. We were actually the underdogs that won from an independent and almost purely grassroots campaign. Thanks to some amazing friends, their dedication, and keeping my sanity in tact, I guess sleeping two hours (no jokes) a day really paid off.

Within a day of being elected, I've already gone to a four-hour long agenda meeting, and another consultative meeting with the chancellors and board of the university. All I can vaguely say is I was mind blown at what happens behind the scenes of an institution.

And I have to make up my mind about an upcoming protest this week. Our student union has endorsed it, and my portfolio is directly tied to political issues like such, however there are so many conflicting factors at play. Regardless of my views on this issue - last year we had a similar protest where there were arrests and charges laid, so this is serious stuff (I journaled about it). Except this time, I may have to lead the charge - notwithstanding the president telling me that this is a conscience issue for which I have to come to my own decision.

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Also, he is back in town. I was doing so well almost forgetting him, focusing instead on me, myself. My mind is all over the place again. Someone make it stop.


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You winning the election comes as no surprise to me.

You can agree politically with a cause AND disagree with the methodology being used to address it. I mean, I agree with most of what Occupy Wall Street says as far as a platform, but I don't support almost anything they do. So, you don't have to sign onto a protest just because that is what other people have decided to do to address the issue. How would you address the issue, if it were your choice? Because... it is.

As for him, distraction isn't closure. You're not really moved on if he still has that effect.

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I'm confident there will be many more victories in your future!

As for he... I don't know what to say... but I truly hope all turns out well! :)

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