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Guess where I was Saturday night? Brittany's house. Yes sir. She invited me over for a little bonfire to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. I didn't get to stay nearly as long as I wanted, but it was still awesome. I met her parents, who seem nice enough, and her baby sister, who is adorable even though I'm not a fan of babies. Just a handful of people were there, it wasn't a huge thing, which made me less nervous. I stayed as late as I possibly could which meant getting back to my dad's almost two hours late, but I don't care. He didn't even say anything about my violating my curfew, which was weird. And all the back and forth from my town to my dad's ate up the rest of the gas in my car, but I don't care about that either.

Her boyfriend was there. Even I have to admit, they make a pretty cute couple. Damn it. It's much harder to hate him in person because he's so chill and funny. Brittany never gave me a formal introduction so I never really spoke to him. Suspicious, because she properly introduced me to her parents. Hm. I had a great time. She promised we'd get together over the summer and I know she won't break that promise. We laughed, talked, got a little closer. I have no complaints, even though this annoying kid from journalism who's always hovering over her was there. He left early though, thank goodness.

It was looking doubtful that I would be able to go. I was sitting up in my room at my dad's, nearly suffocating because he's too cheap to turn the air on, watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, trying to formulate a plan that would allow me to go. I even shed a few self-pity tears because I was getting really tired of my plans with Brittany being canceled, but that was probably just womanly period tears of desperation and hopelessness. With a lot of persuading my dad finally let me go, so I didn't get to finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was right before the exciting part too, but once again, I don't care. By the way, the rape scene wasn't that horrible. I've seen worse.

I missed school today to take my AP Psychology exam. It wasn't hard at all, but there were several questions I didn't know. Wednesday is my AP Calculus exam. I'm horrified. Calculus is not my strongest subject. I'm going to spend my entire Tuesday night studying, because I forgot half the shit I learned and I didn't do so well on my practice exams we took in class.

My mom set up an appointment to get my eyesight checked. Sometimes my vision gets a little blurry in class, but not while I'm driving, which is odd. I hope I don't need glasses. I would look super weird. Some people look perfect in glasses, like Brittany, but that would not be me. It's probably from all the time I spend staring at a computer screen.

I was going to see The Avengers this weekend, but the line was too long. I'm not even a follower of Thor or Hulk or Captain America or anyone but Iron Man, so it didn't bother me that much. It's probably just a bunch of explosions and cheesy one-liners and impressive CGI. No heart at all, just action. Which is fine every once in awhile, but there are smarter superhero movies out there. Like Spider-Man (not Spider-Man 3, that was stupid) and X-Men.

By the way, why the hell wasn't Spider Man in The Avengers? That's ridiculous.


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Uh... Spiderman is in a

Uh... Spiderman is in a totally differnt universe than the avengers... :P Which Frankly was a great movie and lived up to it's hype, I am sorry, but for a movie to make that much on opening weekend... means they did somthing right... and that is all I am going to say without spoiling, though if you haven't seen the Hulk movies, Captian Amercia, or Thor... then you will be confused on plot points. Sinice in this one everything comes together in one big thing. :)

I would suggest going and seeing it though wait till the lines die down :P

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I could have sworn that at

I could have sworn that at one time or another, Spider Man teamed up with the avengers. Maybe I'm wrong. Huh.

I will definitely see it, only because I'm very curious and everybody won't shut up about it. I watched Thor but tuned in and out throughout the movie, and I know the gist of Captain America and Hulk's stories, so hopefully I won't be too confused.

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Yana was Wrong

Spiderman used to be in the Avengers, he left, but come on Radio, they have be over 100 members of the Avengers they cut them down to 6, Spiderman wasn't very active in the Comics and Cartoons so he wouldn't have been important anyway.

and they Avengers was awesome, i lost a little respect there, just a little

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I knew it! But I didn't know

I knew it! But I didn't know that the Avengers used to have a hundred members. My knowledge of superheroes is very limited. Spiderman is one of my favorite heroes, better than Thor and the Hulk, because he's more relatable and likeable. I probably follow superheroes for the wrong reason. Other nerds compare their super powers and who would win in a fight. I don't really focus on that.

I'm sure The Avengers will be awesome, just not as awesome as X-Men or Spider Man or The Dark Knight.

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Sorry :P I didn't know... I

Sorry :P I didn't know... I have only recently started to read American comics really, and those are mostly the ones that are produced by like Top Cow, and Vertigo. Though Vertigo is part of DC... :P

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Artistic merit and box office are unrelated. Transformers are horrible movies and they make a lot of money.

Also, the box office figures are rigged so that new movies always break records, because we are all overpaying for 3D glasses (which is rolled into the ticket price on purpose), and we are paying more to see movies than ever before.

BUT the real injustice when breaking records is that the records compare dollars to dollars. So, 1939 Gone With the Wind dollars, when a movie may have cost a quarter, are compared to 2012 Avenger dollars, when a movie can run as high as $16-18 in NYC.

But, if you adjust for inflation, none of our "top grossing movies" of today stack up. Gone With The Wind, last I saw an inflation-adjusted list was the number one movie of all time, and most of today's movies didn't crack the top spots.

Of course, you also can't compare opening weekend numbers, because a movie couldn't open on 4,200+ screens until very recently, but like I said, that's the point: the game is rigged for today's movies to always break box office records, usually because slightly less people are always paying slightly more money to see things.

This all being true, it all doesn't disprove my opening statement, which is that box office and artistic merit are very separate entities to begin with.

Here are the top grossing films of all time, adjusted for inflation: http://boxofficemojo.com/alltime/adjusted.htm

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Gotta hate it when romantic rivals are actually cool, non-douchey people whom you can't feel justified in hating. They're the worst.

I'd say Avengers was just as good as X-Men, and the one-liners aren't cheesy (yay Whedon!). I'm not really into the whole superhero thing in general, and I didn't see any of the Thor or Hulk or Captain America or anything either, but I did enjoy Avengers. Sure it wasn't complex or deep or brilliant or anything - it's an action/superhero/sci-fi sort of thing, after all - but it was thoroughly enjoyable.

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Yeah, he wasn't very

Yeah, he wasn't very douchey. BUT I could tell once or twice that he was getting on her nerves, just because he was ignoring her. Also, when he wrapped his arms around her and huggled, the hand of jealousy squeezed my little teenaged girl heart.

I thought the X-Men was an intelligent superhero movie, not just action, but also bringing up questions about mankind's fear of what we don't understand, and how fear breeds hatred. Spider Man was also intelligent. So it is possible for superhero movies to be a bit more than just explosions. I don't expect that from the Avengers, but it'll still be a good time.

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Haha XD

That is like every relationship ever :P Guy ignores girl, girl gets jealous, resume huggling later and it's all good :P
That's redick!

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That's stupid. I wouldn't ignore her. Humph.

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Gosh... :P You guys sound

Gosh... :P You guys sound like the types of people who always annoy me when it comes to movies. I mean personallity I don't really take it that seriously and just enjoy it...

As a writer I just like to wacth movies to either relax or have plots to talk about the world that the movie has created or maybe a bad ass charater in some cases... which frankly the fact that this movie was part of a seris of connected movies and there sequeals... made it even more intersting :)

Radio if that idea which was produced in x-men instersted you, I can recommend some books that would allow you to read up on the subject. :) I kind of devolped a interst in it becuase my WWII class didn't give me the amount of instersting war facts I wanted, but that part certianly devolped :P

PS: Besides to me the summer movie I am waiting for is Promethus... :P Even with the new Batman movie coming... Promethus is what I am waiting for.

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I'm all for a fun movie

I'm all for a fun movie experience, but I like my smartly done, thought-provoking movies too.

I would love some recommendations. Thank you.

The new Batman movie is definitely the movie I'm most excited about. I vaguely remember hearing about Prometheus. It seems like a pretty cool movie.

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Promethus is basically a

Promethus is basically a prequel to Alien and is directed by Ridley Scott who also directed Alien... and so I am hoping he does as good as he did the first time around. Though I am worried that it might get ruined by modern technology and here is why...

Me and my dad where talking about how Jaws if it had been made today would probably have not been as famous as it was. The reason was not the monster itself that people feared... it was the fact that they didn't hardly show the shark that much, which was a result of it basically being a gaint underwater machine :P So the fear people had when going to the beach after was the possiably of this creature out there in the water they could not see...

Same thing with the orginal Alien... you rarely get a good view of the monster until the very end... and even then they only show half shots and not fully body. So as long as he makes sure to use CGI and stuff carefully in Promethus... and not to ruin the rising suspense... along with a good connection to the start of the orginal movie... even though he claims that this one is more of a same universe than actual direct prequal thing... He is a derectior known for half truths like that :P That is off point though... My main one though being, it is kind of a movie that have been waiting for sinice early fail of last year when I saw the very first teasr and you can beat I will be wacthing it in 3D IMAX... Hopefully they will have a chestbuster thing :P

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Hey MacAvity thanks for that

Hey MacAvity thanks for that website... I think I am going to get enjoyment out of it for years to come... especially becuase it is as they say... almost nothing plot wise is really orginal :P