THE AVENGERS! = Epic (Spoilers)

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if you haven't seen the Avengers 2 things, 1 what the hell is wrong with you? and 2 don't read on unless you don't want to see the movie

Great Movie, one of the Best Marvel movies yet, some of their best Characters (Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow) Awesome!

and Loki as the villian, great Choice!, he was better in this than he was in Thor

great writing and great lines some of my favourites are:
Thor: He's my brother
B. Wid.: he killed 90 people in 2 days
Thor: Hes Adopted

Hulk: Puny God

Cap. America: What are you under the armour!
Tony Spark: a Genius Billionaire Playboy

the final battle was awesome too, how Loki just Gets an army and tries to Invade New York and ultimately fail

i thought Iron Man was going to die, and he would have if the Hulk didn't save him.

although i think Spiderman should have been in it

meh, not deep into the movie but i don't want to spoil too much


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dont judge but

I saw it yesterday and i thought it was quite boring. It maybe because of I have seen a lot of action/superhero films in the past and i don't usually watch stuff around that subject nowadays, but i just felt like i had seen it all before. Like the actions scene, particularly at the end, failed to really excite me. Though it was good at producing funny one liners, like the ones you have picked.

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not gonna lie

died a little inside, you had no childhood

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I didn't see it...

But I am a huge fan of the concept of the Avengers, because otherwise we've be clogging up the theaters with individual Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk movies. Now, it's all one thing, opening screens for other things.

Sort of the same reason I don't like when boy bands break up. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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you should have seen it

when i was small it was either Pokemon, Nickolodeon, CITV, CBBC or Superhero Stuff, i like how there used to be over 100 people in the Avengers some even died (like Wasp for example)

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I'm not saying I won't see it, just didn't merit going on opening weekend. It'll be around for a while.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Believe me, I would have done anything I could to avoid seeing this movie on the opening weekend, if one of my friends hadn't had a birthday party he invited me to about seeing it.
We got there late, so we were like front row in a 3D Imax theatre.
Really. Nauseating.

And for me, it was really nothing too spectacular. It was an action movie, and what I expected, like I do going into every action movie I see, was a bunch of explosions tied together by pithy one-liners with a sparing application of plot, and that was basically what I got.
No doubt, the explosions were pretty impressive, and the one-liners were funnier than a lot of other movies, so as an action movie it delivered fairly well, but that's firmly what it was, a fairly generic action movie, and doesn't stand out hugely in my archives.

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You think that was

You think that was nauseating? Try the front seat of the theatre at Hunger Games...with all the handheld cameras I actually had to step out and go to the restroom for a few minutes in the middle of the big scene w/ Rue. i almost missed her dying--I couldn't believe it!

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To be fair...

Both of you aren't having problems with huge movies, just getting there early enough.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Front row... at Imax...

+Avengers = multiple levels of torture!

I hope your hearing and eyesight have suffered no permanent damage.

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I enjoyed it a lot. Epic is a good word for it.
Probably helps that I got decent seats in the middle of the cinema in the middle of the afternoon.

I don't generally like superhero movies, and hadn't seen any of the precursors except for I think one Iron Man movie that my family dragged me to. But this one I liked - maybe because of the large cast and the way multiple superheroes were all occupying one space. Usually I find it ridiculous when there's one superhero being all super in a world of otherwise-pretty-normal, but Avengers was clearly set in a universe with an overabundance of phlebotinum, so it fit.

Yes, the plot was simple - but it's an action movie! You go for the visuals and the explosions and the witty dialogue (which was of higher-than-usual quality in this one); be happy if the plot even makes sense, never mind complexity. And this plot did make sense - events actually seemed to flow in a 'this is happening because that happened earlier' sort of way, not just a 'this is happening because we need to fit this, this, and this action scene into a two-hour time slot.'

I could go on about this for a long time, actually....
But instead I'll just say that it was a pretty awesome action movie, and also that I love the way Joss Whedon writes.

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thank god for you Mac, its not meant to be overly complicated but its meant to be full of action, fighting and explosives with good characters and good one liners its not meant to be serious film (see X-Men 3 for a Action Movie trying to be serious)

Joss writes well doesn't he

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My point was

that I wasn't expecting a whole lot of plot or seriousness, because you never get that in action movies, and that is exactly what happened, making this movie, compared to other action movies I've seen, almost exactly the same, really making it kind of boring for me.

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I know those who expected

I know those who expected way to much plot were asking to much. :P Plus the plot was actually in the movies in which the heros where by themselves... the whole point was that those movies built to this one. It is all one big story... soooo yeah.

I got to see it in IMAX and even got a really good seat so that may have helped my enjoyment, but for the money I paid, it was certianly worth it and a good start to this summer movie season. Even if it wasn't the one I was most excited about... :P