Things That Happen

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This will just be a recount journal of things that happened in which I thought were pretty neat. I remember once I was riding the # and there was this guy in the back where I was and I had just realized this dude was like sleeping one off or something, that bump really woke his ass up. lol There's a rule somewhere, never sleep on public transit. Anywhere.

Good thing it's a small city unlike a bigger one, let's say for example Denver or Detroit. Then there was that one time when me and an aquaintence went downtown, I remember he told me he walks the streets alone at night often. I asked him if it was scary, he replied that as long as you're not with someone else no one will mess with you apparently.

Of course I wouldn't test that one. Oh, also that one time a few months ago when one of my old high school friends and I went downtown and screwed around down there trolling the tourists, buying a lot of crap. Man that was hilarious how we ended up combing the Eastern side of the outskirts looking for a place to cash a $10 bill into $1 bills.

We both had fun that time, just hanging out enjoying the day. Good thing my college was closed that day. And good thing my friend hadn't left to go study in the Eastern part of the state yet. Goodtimes, oh, and this one time back around the same time there was this big ass storm going on in the morning and I had to classes that day.

I almost got soaked in the rain at the first stop, thank goodness the buses were making good time that day. So around two blocks later I look out the window as well as everyone else (nothing else to do [lol it's true]) there was like all of these leaves and debris flying around like a small land-cyclone. Pretty insane, then by the next stop it was lightning galore.

Pretty scary when the only protection from lightning you have is an umbrella and rubber soled shoes. Doesn't help to be under power lines, which I was lol. But again the bus came in pretty fast so when I got off at the college there road turned into a river lol. So I tried my best to navigate the little river but soaked my feet anyway.

At least I had rainbow-feat from the oils and other liquids in the water! Pretty weird looks I got when I was on a bench in front of the Math/English building wringing out my socks lol. It's as funny as this thing that happens all the time. Like how one of my stops is in front of an elementary school. Pretty funny when I try to think of what the people would think.

Anyway, that's all I've got for today. Lone Wolf out.