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Dear future lover:

I have fallen once and I know now what I need. I have always known what I could give, though. I give everything. All of my emotions and passion in one direction. But I want to affect you like no one else has. I want to make you swoon when I smile at you. I want you to see your own reflection in my irises because in my head you're all I see. I am strong and supportive, but girls will always be my weakness. A subtle smile or a light brush of your hand could bend my tough exterior, for in the inside I am easily swayed. I am bendable.

Take a torch to my feelings and burn me from the inside out. I don't dwell on one dimensional relationships. I want to feel alive when I love and I'll take the life out of you if you don't give me twice as much. I want to burn like a star with you. Like two galaxies ever entwined and destined to collide into another. I want us to erupt into a supermassive black hole and I want the hole to be our hearts of what's left when we part. Give me scars that I'll remember that hurt when they're touched. I want to recall our love in a nostalgic pit of fury when reminded of your presence. When reminded of your absence, I want to sink into a pit of despair when I realize our love sucked the energy out of my core.

I want to feel alive. I want passion. I'll love you like no one has before, and I know this because I'm the best at anything I do. I try hard in everything I do and I succeed. Except the trumpet in 5th grade, but I was not given adequate time to practice it. I will redeem myself one day.

I have limitless passion. When it's active, my love is infinite, like the sky. I'll take you to new heights. I'll show you what every time should feel like. Know that in my passion is love. Deep love. And fucking and making love are different, but sometimes they're the same. I want to make out with you, but I want to buy you flowers too. I want to fuck you all night in my bed, but I want to hold your hand the entire time we sleep and not let go. I want to pull you into me and secure you in my embrace. There's something about me that I know I'm good at not letting go. It's a gift and a curse, but in the end I always win.

Let me trace new patterns on your skin and canyons in your heart and I'll let you paint me a sky of burning stars. I'll break down your walls with my charm if you break down mine. It doesn't take too much. All you have to do is earn my trust.

Change me. Manipulate me. Leave my life only after you've turned my world upside down and taught me things I'd never know before. I want to open my eyes and feel your impression on my life, an insignia with your name. To you I'd do the same. I want each future lover you deign to be compared to me in your mind. No one will ever compare.

I am Scorpio. Passion is my middle name. And I realized, the first...she wasn't enough. Can others even love like me?


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I didn't know you like trance.

Are you a fan of Above & Beyond? They're nice. Most of their songs do have lyrics, though.

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Haven't heard of them. I'll

Haven't heard of them. I'll look them up. I'm a bit obsessed with trance lately but I don't know much, I listen to the trance radio on pandora all the time though.

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Here's my favorite trance podcast:

It's from a free weekly podcast you can get on iTunes called Trance Around the World. They're my favorite trance.
Also, if you like trance, you'll like this, "Keyboard Milk" by Röyksopp:

It isn't trance, but it's trancey. Still very emotional. I started making a song that sounds sort of like this, but I don't think I'll ever finish it. I'm more of a dubstep guy. This dubstep is pretty nice. My mother liked it and she said that she only likes trance:

If you like that, I'm almost done with a song that I'll upload, and it's really mellow and bassy like this one.

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Listened to snippets from all three...

Music is quite hypnotic... ethereal... very much like what I'd expect to hear accompanying modern video art in alcoves at this world-famous art museum:

Will be returning again in just a couple months!

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If you like video art and hypnotic music, then...

Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code
^Sorry about that line. I got the code from another web site because YouTube embed wasn't showing up, and if I take the link out, then the entire comment doesn't work. The tricky bastards.
I'll post some more of that music (which I have plenty of). Listen to all of them or you aren't my friend.

I love music that makes me think. It's also inspired some of my music, like my last song:

Saltwater Voyage by Pewter Robot

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Wow... Overload!

The first selection (at least for the first minute), the second one, and the two dubstep classics qualified as possible "classics" for an alcove video in an art museum like Louisiana.

Your own creation, however... something wrong! It had to be constantly "restarted"... and survival was only for a few seconds on each restart... ?

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That's funny.

It works for me.

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Will try again when I get home...

I'm on my laptop from gneph's college in Illinois. Only an hour away until his ultimate on-stage performance as an undergrad! :(