Vader Se Liefde

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So my father took me to get an estimate for some dental work to be estimated on me a week ago. It costs quite a bit, it was in the four digit range to be less vague. I honestly felt so bad that my teeth would cost so much to fix up. My father assured me that he'd figure out a way. A man who I once spoke so ill of, a man whom I look up to.

My mother wasn't there at the dental office, maybe that was for the best at that moment in time. My father dropped me off at my home to do some errands for himself. He must've noticed my quietness after the estimate was given at the office. He assured me that these things happen and my mother and him would figure something out.

Before I got out of the car he hugged me and said "I love you son", I replied "I love you dad". I don't know exactly why it had such an effect on me but I felt like everything would be okay. Maybe it's just because I always go a while without seeing for weeks sometimes months at a time. I felt like he cared. He cares. I don't know why it meant so much to me.