Veterans Against Occupy Wall Street

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Hehe, my brother and a few of his friends posted on this thing this guy said complaining about gay marriage, and in response they flipped out, and as my brother is currently in Scotland, studying abroad, they blocked the whole United Kingdom.
Their conversation was very long, and most of it was dumb enough to not really require posting, but the last two comments were Awesome job guys sorry I went MIA but damn you did good after I left and the whole gang joined in good fun! To bad lil mikey had to go and get reinforcements,bad form dude,lmao! Damn hope the little pissers THAT SHOULD HAVE ENDED UP BEING SHEET STAINS don't think they ran ME off :(! Just in case you little trolls can read this! Just got in from work and am quite happy that the VAOWS crew cleaned your little non-ticking clock or is that (cock) heads,lmao! Damn shame I missed those last comments :)! BTW,lol seeing these comments after the ban hammer is awesome love you ADMIN.! and Gay marriage is allowed in some states, why not just go do it where its allowed instead of trying to change everything. which I think it just such a wonderful distillation of these people.

My brother asked me to post on their wall The liberal American students are enthralled to find that a bit of mild mannered discussion managed to get this page to block the entire United Kingdom, which I did, and then they removed it and blocked me too.

So now I can't even engage them in intelligent debate anymore, which they at least say they allow. Whatever, I guess.

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact there are many people who are simply dumb and angry, and will not allow the slightest whiff of a dissenting opinion.
Some other gems, I can't resist: [my brother's last name] this country was founded on Christian principles,must you be schooled on the documents and speechs by our founding fathers,hell you uneducated fool if all gays were beaten and bullied then there wouldn't be any left to TRY AND INDOCTRINATE OUR KIDS,ie California I believe that it is the parents jobs to take care of their children unles they are abused ! I suppose you also support the pedophile fb too! Hell at one time or another everyone on this page HAS BEEN BULLIED,WELL BOO FUCKING HOO...GAYS CAN GET OVER IT WE DID!

You want a conversation where or views only agree with yours...I dont speak for others but I dont give a rats ass if they get married. But Damn it , who the hell cares, is everyone going to celebrate my marriage, I want a damn national holiday!! equality means just that, no spot light, get the hell over your self .

This fucker needs to go have his "girl friend" ram her cock so far up his ass it rips through his so called brain.... If that answers your question kim

No, no, I have to stop indulging myself...
And also I really should stop being incredibly hot and bothered by their existence...

In other news, I got asked today if I was a stoner. It seems like I just exude the aura of drug-using, because other people have asked me the same thing, and there's that one girl convinced I take steroids.
Not that I really care whether or not they think I do drugs as long as they're not mean about their misconception, and they don't tell anyone about it, that would be a fucking hassle.
Although, I suppose it would be inconvenient if any day I actually did decide to become a stoner, and so then they're right, and now I have people knowing a secret that's actually true that I'd rather them not knowing.

Fuck I should have more foresight in these matters...

Sorry, AP test, so I have to go to bed. Night guys.

Oh, and I thought this was jizztastic, just saying


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alot of Veterans are Assholes

not all, my Great Granddad fought in both world wars (only 13 for WW1) and died in 1999 and was a great man, he once took a plain to America to help give Black People Rights, and Helped in the 80's England he helped LGBT gain acceptance, then in the 90's helped give the English Acceptance in Scotland, i love the idea that LGBT were accepted in Scotland before the English were

yeah he was a White, Male, Cis, Straight, Atheist, Scotsman

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That group is so hilariously stupidly named, it is amazing. If anyone should be against the 1%, it is the people they make die for them.

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