Well, Hello (A New Introduction)

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So I don't know how many of you that I know are still on here. But for those who don't know me, I'll say a bit about myself.

My name is Eli and I attend University. I identify as transgender (trans*). I identify as a guy/boy/boi/dude, but I do NOT identify as a man. I prefer male pronouns.

Most of the people to whom I've come out, I do so as a lesbian. I am out to my family as a lesbian.

I have started to come out as trans* to people--mainly peers, but to some of my professors, and my therapist, as well. Most of this has happened really recently--basically since about April 5th for the majority of them.

I don't have any one set way of how to come out, but I've tried different things: writing a letter, writing a note in Spanish, face-to-face, at an open mic night...

I do not identify on the gender binary.

April 27th (?) of last year I began a drastic new hair style--short and more androgynous (I used to have hair down to my shoulders). I've kept up with that and its been a huge boost of self-esteem for me.

I live fully as a female, however.

I do not plan on going on hormones (Testosterone) or getting surgery. I am not looking for someone to try to convince me to get either of these things. I am transitioning in my own way and if you have questions, feel free to ask.

One thing I've tried to shy away from mentioning is my sexuality. It is something I have tried so much to label but it never seems to really suit me, the label I mean. I'm working on discovering myself and although I do not feel comfortable or supported within my sexuality, I am trying to eventually get there, I hope.

Feel free to ask me questions and stuff. And if you have questions related to identifying as trans*, please know that some questions are completely inappropriate and out of line. If you ask it, I will lead you to Google or some other website.

Some things I'm not comfortable with others asking me about include the following: why I "should" be on hormones/get surgery/go to gender therapy, coming out to parents.
Some inappropriate questions deal with what I just mentioned above, as well as: genitalia, my name--I am Eli and that is it, do not ask me of my "real" name.

I have the right to only answer questions of which I am comfortable answering. Please note that I'm not saying this to be rude. I understand sometimes questions arise out of not knowing and having a genuine curiosity to learn and to an extent, I do not mind educating about some trans* topics and talking about my own experiences. However, please do not assume that I will answer every question regarding gender that a person may ask me. This is only to protect myself and to allow me to stay in a place where I am able to appreciate my difference in gender identity.

(If you've read this far, you're an awesome person....so thank you.)

I know I keep starting and stopping journaling on here, but I am trying to journal again and get back into that habit. Some things I hope to touch upon in my future journals include: different ways of transitioning, "trans* enough," bodies in regards to identity, my "past" self versus my present self, coming out to peers and professors, school and jobs, and other topics.

Please feel free to leave a message on here or private message me in my inbox about most anything and I'll be happy to assist you in any way I can or happy to just talk / listen in general. Also feel free to list topics that you'd like me to touch upon--I AM up to writing about different topics and not just trans*-specific issues, but give me a heads up of some of what you all would like to read.

I feel like I am forgetting something, but I cannot think of it in this moment, so I'll let you know a little later if I do.

Thank you very very much,


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Welcome back!

Glad to have you back on here, and your life sounds very interesting! Can't wait to read more of your journals : ))


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Thank you, Sam!! :) I'm glad

Thank you, Sam!!

:) I'm glad to be back :)

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Never did talk to you all that much

But it's good to see you back nonetheless.


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Thanks! Yeah, we never

Thanks! Yeah, we never really talked that much. We should change that, you seem awesome.

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Welcome back. You seem to

Welcome back. You seem to have a habit of disappearing and showing up again. Always happy to have you back, and please stay awhile this time! :)

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I know! I want to kick the

I know! I want to kick the habit!
I want to be here and STAY here :). Thanks.

Cute icon, by the way.