Well, laughter pours from under doors In this house,

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I don't understand that sound no more
Seems artificial, like a T.V. set

Life is easier when you realize no one is thinking about you.
When you are you and you are alone.
When you stop caring about everyone else.
It is worth it.
Just remember it's your call.

When I listen to songs for the first time I have to read the lyrics.
And I think, this must be about me.
And something contradicts me and I feel a little embarrassed and think, how could this be about me?
Nothing is about me.
And I remember.
And then I am humbled.



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Good Poem

Hey, your a winner regarding your poem, in my opinion, of course. Keep up the good work. Everybody tends to relate song lyrics to their life, that's what makes a great song or poem. I definately felt it with yours.

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it was my stream of

it was my stream of consciousness at the time! I'm not much for writing poems :P but thank you