Wheel of Thoughts

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Drowning in the truth of my own existence,
Like an ocean wave rolling in yet very distant.
Trying to put all the pieces of my life together,
Thoughts cascading like a wind driven feather,
Weary of eluding this life's emotional tyranny,
Unsettled by the endless political hypocrisies,
I retreat behind the walls of my own choosing, my thoughts, my dreams continue moving.
Like a strong wind filtering through the forest,
Cleansing the air and my mind of negative unrest,
I cannot change what cannot be changed, so true.
Creating diversions rather than accepting the blues.
Sometimes I wonder if I was born out of time.
Adherence to the clock is not a specialty of mine.
I'm aware, I listen, a willing student of Mother Nature,
Who bestows her gifts to every hard working creature.
Enlightened by the change of every season,
Perhaps someday I will have to endure global treason.
Until then, I move forward utilizing my assets,
Not wasting time like a gemstone without facets.


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Welcome to Oasis,

good poetry, keep up the good work!

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Thankyou. I appreciate the compliment. I actually have several more, but I lost all of my earlier poems when my computer crashed. I didn't have them backed-up, my stupidity! However, I do have a few on paper I was able to save from a contest i had entered. A couple were pretty dark I'll likely write something fresh. Peace!