a portrait of lonely

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being a reluctant introvert by not your own choice, is really hard. It sucks.
People are putting up walls against me and not saying a word back either. Feeling lonely is increasing, even when i keep asking people to go places, they decline.
The decline pattern is staring to become more repetitive.
I would love to express fully my loneliness and sad state but i cant even be bothered to make a full journal entry.
Even my body cant even communicate with my head, as i am desperate to cry, though my eyes just wont. The reason is because i believe after i cry fully, this feeling may pass better. Or so i hope.

All I do on Oasis is moan. But I don't get any motivation to write an entry about anything nice going on. I'm sorry guys.


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Well, if your friends suck,

Well, if your friends suck, find new ones. Maybe stroll around town and walk into random places and strike up conversations. Join clubs and extracurricular things that are relevant to your interests. For example I like bowling, so I joined a league and I made quite a few friends.

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How is one forced to be an introvert?!

Moan when you need to here. When you're feeling good, enjoy it. Makes sense.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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basically i sent load of invites to so many friends last night and they all said "were busy", when i know some of them for fact were with each other, so did not want to be around. So i had to for the 100th time it feels be stuck in the house and all my friends are doing other stuff and i didn't fancy going anywhere on my own, which i somewhat frequently do.

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Let's work this out...

You do not impress me as someone who others would intentionally shun. In fact, I'd expect just the opposite!

So... there has to be an explanation for your feeling so down...

You don't have even a slightest inkling?

We've got to move you past this point... Please!

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same we do need to move on, i am already bored of myself.