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Yes. I'm at that stage where I want to tell everyone that I am questioning. Not literally everyone, but my friends. All of them. While I realise that it is good to tell a few close friends, I have told like six people over the past five months. Today spur of the moment blurted it out to a friend. She won't tell anyone, but what if she does? At some point I am going to tell someone who will turn out not to accept it or, worse, will tell other people. Aargh.
Basically, I have become a bit of a blabbermouth about the issue.
Is it common? Anyone had this sudden urge?


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Hm...It's odd that you would

Hm...It's odd that you would come out to your friends as questioning. Most people wait until they have it totally figured it out, but if it makes you feel better then by all means go for it.

Coming out to your friends is a great way to figure out who your true friends are. If they really value you as a friend, they will accept it. If they can't accept it, then they're not a good friend, it's their loss, and it has nothing to do with you.

If they tell other people, so what? You're coming out as questioning, so people aren't likely to make a huge deal out of it as much as they might if you were coming out as completely gay. If it happens that people hear about you questioning and they judge you, you have to be prepared for that and learn to deflect all of the bullshit. So people may judge you. If they have a problem with it, then that's their own issue and not yours. If you're willing to hate someone so strongly then you must hate yourself.

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I told them because it

I told them because it doesn't seem as if I'm going to know for sure anytime soon at all. Initially didn't tell anyone for a very long time. But now suddenly want to tell everyone.
Yeah well, it's true that I have found out who my true friends are...but then, they could be totally accepting of that stuff, but aren't very good friends otherwise. So it's not exactly a guarantee.
I'm just not ready for random people to know, yet, I guess. I will just have to hope they keep shut, or that the fact that school is ending will make sure that people have better stuff to think about :P

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My thoughts...

...would be to share your inner thoughts/feelings/emotions only with those who you're confident will react supportively --- and, hopefully, by doing so your bonds with them will likely be enhanced.

If you do not feel a desire for greater closeness with your confidant, the chances of its backfiring are very real...

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Well, sure, the people that

Well, sure, the people that I've told have thus far proven to be trustworthy...I guess I should just cool my heels for a bit, though.