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Me: Nothing happens, Write Journal
Me: Alot Happens that i need advice with, does not write journal
im weird

so stuff

2 days ago:
My Dad came into my room with his phone, someone was screaming, i could here it, so my dad gave me a phone my mum was screaming at me because she was told i was meant to be at School, ive left school and she didn't want me too, not because of education but because since ive left mum gets nothing of my dad, so shes angry because dads not giving her any money now.

she never shuts the fuck up when she gets going, so the only thing that could shut her up? telling her im bi and say i was being bullied because of it (i wasn't bullied for it), sounded like a bad idea but she shut up serious like Shut Up completely its like a cheetah hit a brick wall.

she went calm, like real, calm she claimed she was fine but she was crying, i couldn't really care less about her, i never plan on seeing her ever again

she calls to say she asked for a email of all the near by Colleges, and wants to talk my dad was smart here, he made a deal if we would talk it would be outside with many witnesses, that is smart, so her and dad agreed that it us up to me, but then she called me and lied about that part and said her and dad agreed about it.

me and my dad were meant to go to the cinema to see the Abraham Lincon Vampire Slayer movie, but on the way there i was to get a haircut so i did, then we leave and go to the cinema, but he keeps questioning me and basically making me feel bad.

he acted like a qualified phscologist and does everything a real one knows not to do as in, Question and don't let up the questioning on me, a really Anxiety prone person, so im pissed at him now and mum too :(

to make things worse the only good thing i see coming is my new game and i have to wait 4-5 weeks to get it because i need to import it from Japan because Capcom are too far up their asses to see that there IS a demand, a Fandom and a Market for it in the West


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Your mom sounds like a

Your mom sounds like a lunatic, frankly. If you need to be in a public place with witnesses just to talk to her, then yeah. She sounds a woman. Is she homophobic at all?

Haha, that Abraham Lincoln movie looked ridiculous.

But seriously, we're teenagers. Everybody at this age seems to have parents they don't want to be around at all. Your dad, I'm sure, means well and just wants to look out for you. I can't say the same about your mom based on what you've shared about her, but it seems like your dad just cares about you.

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she is insane, seriously im not joking she DOES need psychological help, im not sure its never been brought up

my dad does mean well, but he doesn't know when to quit, it was really making me angry and he knew and he kept going on an on about it.

but my mum never did she was in it for tax breaks and money, as long as im in school and staying with her she gets money and more tax breaks.

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some explanation

would be nice

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XD Thanks

too many Grammar Errors, MUST MAKE MONSTER XD

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Looks like someone's...

...cute pet. :)

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I totally know where you got that from. Strangely enough the same thing popped into my head :P

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That's redick!

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I just looked this up. Hilarious.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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The only way to shut your mother up on the phone was to come out? How about hang up?

Abraham Lincoln isn't out yet, hafta wait a few more days.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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you have never met my mum

she WILL call back non-stop, she WILL put her phone bill so high that she will be in debt for it, she WILL do this stuff and much more

yeah, the Odeon has a history of getting Movies and Timing wrong on its website

one time me and my dad went to see I Am Number 4 and it started 30 mins earlier than stated on its website

so we got to see 3 movies as a apology for the price of 1, so we seen Big Moma's House: Like Father, Like Son, I Am Number 4 and a Early Screening of Battle: Los Angeles