"Avity.... I don't want to buy packing tape!"

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Everything's getting all end-of-the-year emotional, as is only to be expected. Bit of stress 'cause of finals, bit of excitement 'cause of good future things, more than a bit of sad 'cause of leaving good past things. Yesterday Leah and I bought packing tape and started packing our boxes. I sent home R2 and the two boxes I brought on move-in day, just as full but with different stuff - then it was the bare necessities, now an equal volume of who-even-knows-what-all, unnecessary stuff, and it's just the bare necessities left in the room. The room looks so bare without all the things I'd taped up during the year - the red phone booth, the theater tickets, the pictures of clockwork insects, all 112 named elements of the periodic table taped up individually. There was a lot of tape.

Next year's going to be great. Leah and I will visit each other all the time and have sleepovers and stuff, and we'll have Regi with us too, and it will all be fantastically fabulous.
Keep telling yourself that, Avity. Keep telling yourself that.
It's true, though.

Last night we went to the Civil War Ball. That was fun, as it always is. Maybe not as fun as it's been in the past - either because the novelty's starting to wear off, or because Regi and Leaena and company weren't there, or because my parents and brother and roommate were there (dearly beloved, all of them, but even so), I don't know.
I noticed the lack of that confusing innocence I felt last time I was at the ball - this time I was just me, no purer.
I saw the pretty girl from last time, Claire, too - danced with her twice, and kept seeking her out in the crowd - but it wasn't like last time. She was just someone far too young for me, and I was just one of the many boys.

So the Ball was a little disappointing, actually. It was okay.

Last night Leah and I slept together in my big bed at home. It was nice. More affectionate than just sharing a bed - there was some snuggling involved, and some spooning, and at one point I think I was holding her hand and drooling on it a bit because I tend to drool when I sleep. And the curtains in my room are really dark, so we didn't wake up until about half past eleven.

I'm still amazed by how we were just randomly assigned to be roommates - never even met each other before moving in together, and now a few months later we're sleeping together all spoony-like for twelve hours straight.

I'm going to miss her. Damn, I'm going to miss her so much.

But we'll have visits and sleepovers, and she'll have Amy and I'll have Regi and we'll still have visits and sleepovers and it'll be great.
All the time.

I hope I can be as good a roommate to Regi as Leah has been to me. She hasn't just been a friend, she's been a really good influence too. Broken me out of whatever little shell I was wearing and released the wild fabulous monster or something. I'm incredibly thankful to her, and for her, and to the crazy random happenstance that gave her to me.