Blue Monday

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I was feeling kinda blue today thinking about Father's day. Reading the Father's Day posts has picked me back up a little. I felt the same way about my dad, loved him dearly. Unfortunately and way too soon, my dad died the same year I graduated High School. He was able to attend my graduation and was proud of me for that. He never graduated High School, but did obtain a G.E.D and enlisted in the Air Force. He was a truck driver and he also did some catering on the side. I used to love it when he's take me to work with him,usually on saturdays, and I learned how to drive a forklift when I was 8. He died of Cancer the day after Christmas that year after being diagnosed in July. I was just thankful he didn't have to suffer as long as some patients do. I was also thankful I could be by his side, he literally died after I whispered into his ear, I told him I loved him and I would take care of 'Ma' so it was okay to let go and he did, I'll never forget that.


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I'm very sorry to hear about

I'm very sorry to hear about your father. Hopefully you can take comfort in knowing that he loved you as well, and wherever he is he's proud of you.

Also, I love your tags. That is a really good song! Makes me sad though whenever I listen to it.

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Yeah he was a good man. The tag was my mood for the day, at least I could fit this one in, without it getting jumbled. Thanks again!

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I can't really say I know what to say, but I'm so sorry for your loss. Your father sounded like a remarkable, hard-working man.