Brad and less serious shit

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This is just torture. Every half an hour or so I remember about Brad, and it's fucking torture. Why the fuck did he ruin his perfection with this sudden change? Seriously, dafuq, Brad? He was so perfect last week, and now he's an asshole. Not only that, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm afraid to contact him because I'm pretty sure he hates me now for no reason.
This is getting to intense for my journal. In other news, I'm getting into creepy things. Creepypastas and unreleased Spongebob episodes aren't creepy enough for me. I tried playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but it's bugged as fuck for me and doesn't launch. I did manage to find The Blair Witch Project, so I'll watch that tonight and let you guys know how it was. It's going to be extra good for me, because it taked place in the state that I live in. Fuck yeah. Oh, and I might read one of the many Stephen King books in my collection. Help me decide: It, The Shining, or Gerald's Game?


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Are you absolutely certain

Are you absolutely certain you haven't done anything to upset Brad? You could still try to talk to him. Don't give up too easily.

I watched The Blair Witch Project. Pretty spooky, though not scary enough for me. A good movie, I'd say, for people who are novice horror fans.

I tried to read The Shining but it bored me. I got three hundred pages into the book and nothing too interesting was happening, so I gave up on it. I've always wanted to read It though. I've heard it's really scary. You should go for that one.

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I don't know.

Again, I'm afraid to text him. I don't want him to hate me even more. Or maybe he doesn't hate me, and he's just being weird and confusing.
I don't think I'll read The Shining, because I have absolutely no patience at all with books. 300 pages? Nope!

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Text or email Brad...

"Are we OK... hopefully?"

Or equivalent in the age-appropriate vernacular...

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I think age-appropriate vernacular,

at least in this modern age, would be more like "The fuck, Brad? What's up?"
But do I have to text him? why can't I just be lonely and miserable? I don't want to bother him or anything. Couldn't I just talk to him when school's back in? I chose next year's classes specifically so I would have at least one with him, so I'm pretty sure I will.

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Sounds like you have a plan.

Hope you don't have a limited number of efficacious mental scenarios involving Brad that'll serve to satiate your recently-discovered and needy libido over the long hot summer! :)

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It probably isn't anything.

He might just be going through some stupid little phase or something. It sucks, but I'd give it a little bit and he'll probably get back to his old self.

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I hope that is what's going on,

but the change was so sudden and drastic. I feel like it might be something more serious and permanent. Then again, he did go through short phases like this sometimes. It could just be an extended one of those.
His behavior almost made me hate him. But I can't hate Brad. Every time I do, I just go back to loving him and hoping he'll change back to himself. So far, that's happened every time.

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If the change was very sudden I would imagine that something in his life has shifted and he is going through some rough change. I would give him some space, and when he seems to come back around, just carry on as normal. Believe me, I have been *exactly* where you're at. Some guys you just can never hate. :/

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But I'm not sure that's it.

He isn't in a grumpy mood or anything. He's just hostile to me, and acts normal around everyone else.

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Maybe he just needs space?

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Resolve it!

Don't let it fester!

At this junction, it's probably better to just know!

Ask him, "Why do you treat me like this; is it me?"

Think long and hard about his response...

Then... get on with an enjoyable summer!

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The Blair Witch Project!

LOL! One of my favorites indeed. Oh and for your choice I recommend It, that movie is probably responsible for so many people having "clown-a-phobia".

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Amnesia DD is THE scariest

Amnesia DD is THE scariest game I've ever played ever. Awesome though. Keep trying to find a better version or something, because it's ridiculously worth it.
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Yeah, I really want to play it,

but fucking stupid Intel put a driver in my PC that doesn't support Amnesia. So I'll never be able to play it. No matter what. And this sucks fuck, because it looks like such a fucking amazing game. I might be able to play Cry of Fear, though, and that looks about 20% scarier. Or maybe more like 2,000%. Amnesia doesn't really look that scary, but Cry of Fear scared the shit out of me when I was just watching the PewDiePie playthrough videos.
I also found some other good-looking games via /vg/: Nightmare House 2, the Worry of Newport, and Condemned: Criminal Origins. I'll check those out, especially the second one, but it would require torrenting a few other games just to run these from because most of them are mods.
But I haven't got around to watching the movie or playing any of the games, mostly because I've been busy with Portal 2.
Do you have any other recommendations?

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im going to quote Donnie Darko:

"tell me how one Sucks a Fuck!"

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I had no idea that was also in Donnie Darko! I just made it up a while ago when I was talking to a friend. That's a weird coincidence.

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he calls his sister "a fuck ass"
his sister gets pissed and says "go suck a fuck"
and then Donnie says "Tell me how does one suck a fuck?!"
then the dad brakes it up
then the little sister who is like 5, 6 or 7 says "whats a fuck ass"
and the dad laughs