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She obviously loves you,

and I think it's a mother's job to be annoying or a pain in the ass. She's sent you gifts and money because she wants to be involved. Your brother going to college has probably initiated the 'Empty Nest Syndrome'. She's likely feeling pretty lonely. It sounds like there's some distance(travelling) between the two of you. It's never a bad idea to set a few minutes aside to call her and talk to her. They love that. Tell her what you like so she's not wasting money on clothing etc. that you don't want or like the style of. Unfortunately, everybody makes mistakes, whether it's a rellationship or whatever. Leave the past behind, where it belongs.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll

Thanks for the advice, I'll probably do that.

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Your best posts are... ephemeral!

Was it something I may have said?

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No. Some things are too

No. Some things are too personal in retrospect I just want to remove them.

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Relief... I think. And... thanks!