Fucked for Life

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Great song.

Basically, not much has been happening. That's just the fucking problem, I'm boring. Most of what I do all day is go to school and sleep, drink coffee, read The Economist, and/or sometimes play Super Smash Bros on my friend's phone, it's awesome.
And then scramble to fit in homework at the last second, before tests and shit.
After school, sometimes I have my friend Mexico with me, sometimes not, if he's with me, we usually go to either Subway or the library or something, and play chess and talk about weird shit. If he's not with me, I go to Starbucks by myself and drink shit tons of coffee and read The Economist in those sexy soft chairs that are so fucking comfy...
Then I go to the library, hoping to find someone I know to poach off to play chess.
Then I go home, and do mindless shit, and play Civilization till late at night, then repeat.

A few days ago, they changed the bells to be like some weird doorbell noise rather than the usual bong, and that probably was the most exciting thing to happen to me all week.

And yet I'm still largely optimistic, despite the fucking skull-crushing slogging in this boring cunt face of a world.
This is kinda the problem with capitalism, have you ever seen Wall-e?
Frankly, I could see that happening to humanity, just flying around on these chairs, with all our needs and possible wants taken care of instantly, just talking to people and doing other shit all day.
Capitalism and the free enterprise system is sort of dehumanizing by nature. There are a lot of technologies and companies like Facebook or insurance companies or advertising companies, where their main goal is to take people, and reduce them to a series of data points, that they can then ram advertising so far up our asses, we buy their shit without even realizing it.
The whole system is based off the want for more, greed. The goal of companies is to take humanity and reduce it to a series of needs and wants to be serviced, nothing more, and then using that to extract everything they can from humanity.
You know, that's why advertising has gotten so weird in the past couple years. The vast majority of commercials have absolutely nothing to say about their product at all. I saw a deodorant commercial that was just a black and white montage of attractive shirtless people playing sports with this weird song Hot Bod, I want your Bod playing in the background, then a brief flash of the actual product.
It's things like that that make me feel violated, I really don't want to be exploited like this, made to make these weird associations and fucking memory triggers associated with products.

And yet, I'm still optimistic, because I know I don't have to participate in capitalism if I don't want to, that's one of the nice parts about it. I can continue to try to live as a real human being, not a set of data points to be buttfucked with ads and products designed to suit the every whim I didn't know I had.

The worst part about it, is that it's fucking dull. That's the problem with my life now, is that I have no needs or wants or anything, it's all serviced. I do my shit, and then I have nothing else to do.

I mean, smacking the shit out of my face last week, it kinda sucked then, but frankly I'm glad I did it now, it was at least interesting, if a little painful.

And I know that interest is out there, somewhere, maybe there's even some of it hidden in this fucking insipid frivolous pop culture of cunt faced fucking douchebag asswipe bastard fucks.
And I'm going to go find it.


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Ha! Tell us how you really feel.

Nice ending. Boredom is simply not knowing what to do with yourself. A common occurence with teens. Broaden your horizons. You like Starbucks huh? I can't drink their coffee, it fucks with my stomach. Too strong. It's loaded with caffeine too. The last time I drank a cup of that shit, I swear it gave me heart palpatations, followed by a sour stomach. I go to this cafe in Allston. Their coffee is outstanding. Strong but not overbearing.
Advertising has gotten alittle weird, all you can do is turn your brain off when they come onto the TV. At least, that's what I do.

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Chess is a great game...

But... with a mind like yours, I wonder if it's possible that you've never been hooked on Go...


(If the above link is not highlighted and directly clickable... go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go and then click on "Go (game)" under Games.)

The rules are outrageously simple (far simpler than chess)... but it can be extremely frustrating when a player with only slightly more savvy than you can defeat you time after time...

This is a true game of strategy... and I think you'd take great personal pleasure from becoming somewhat skillful (NO: for you, more than "somewhat")... and then subverting (i.e., instructing) other gamers... :)

Hint: A "beginner" should practice by utilizing only a portion of the full-sized board (19 x 19 intersections).

Boards and stones are available at all high-end gaming stores... all prices from dirt cheap, up!

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I love go!

If you can't buy the boards/stones, I always used chessboards and bottle caps |D
That's redick!

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That's great!

But... I think you may be referring to Gomaku (also called Go Bang) a "fun," but much less challenging spin-off of the full game:


A typical playing of Gomaku may occupy no more than 10 or 15 minutes. A serious playing of Go can last many hours if the players' skills are balanced. If the players are not of roughly equal "strengths," the weaker player will likely be "slaughtered" in very short time! :)


If one is mathematically inclined.... another game that you can almost always win if your opponent is not aware of how winning is firmly guaranteed: Nim.

The game is of interest only if neither player is aware of its mathematical underpinning. It is very frustrating (for the loser) if one of the players "knows" that a winning strategy exists. (A "win" can be guaranteed once the "winner" is given his first opportunity to make a "correct" withdrawal.)

In its most general form, the game consists of many piles (number of piles is arbitrary) of objects with any number of objects in each pile. Two players alternately withdraw as many objects they wish from a single pile (in fact, they could withdraw the full pile).

The object is to force the loser to pick up the last remaining object.


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Heh. Advertising.

I don't look at that shit. Commercials are why I stopped watching television. The only ones I see now are the YouTube ads, and I just skip past those or refresh until I can. Stupid capitalism. I like traditional economies. Everything you need, and no annoying advertisement from big companies.

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you really stopped watching tv entirely just 'cause of like,

the 4 minutes of commercial per half hour or wtv it is?

Ooh, goodness. God forbid people stick a bit of advertisement in your mostly free entertainment box that has many stations showing many different entertaining things pertaining to any subject you like ;)
That's redick!

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Yeah, there are like 900

Yeah, there are like 900 channels available. So I just jump around until I find a show that isn't playing commercials, then jump around some more when the commercials do come on.

Without commercials TV would probably cost a ridiculous amount to watch. Besides, the shows that are on nowadays are just as trashy and obnoxious as the commercials :P

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America has only 900 channels?

your joking? 1300 here and only 4 have no adverts and we get taxed for that, whats truly wrong with the ads its how the Brits tell when its Christmas time, the English, Welsh and Irish wait for the Santa Cola advert and the Scots wait for the Snowman Irn Bru advert which was rated the best advert of 2000-2009 & 2011 in Scotland

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I get like twenty minutes of ads for an hour of television. And it keeps growing. Fucking capitalism.

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You're not TV-watching smartly, then!

And even then, that's only 1/3 of your time spent on ads that basically pay for your entertainment, are usually... sort-of interesting, and completely avoidable.
That's redick!

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I love advertisements, actually.

They pay for our entertainment - make it possible for the Internet to be the great mad free space of democracy and anarchy that it is, et cetera et cetera et cetera... And they're fascinating in their own right - each one half a minute of concentrated persuasion. Just half a minute to find a way into your mind and influence your behavior. They're powerful. At least, the good ones are.

And yeah, some of them completely suck and have nothing to do with the product. And that's fascinating - why do they think that will be effective? will it be effective? why will it be effective if it has nothing to do with the product?

I sometimes like a good advertisement more than whatever entertainment medium it's giving me. Internet ads aren't generally very good, but ads on real television, sometimes they're better (even more intelligent - it takes some pretty sophisticated psychological tricks to make a good ad) than the show.