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Upon reflection I believe going off to college was the right thing to do. In fact I don't even know why I doubted myself those very few but lingering times. About last night I had the most beautiful vision of what my life would be like in 10 years. Holy crap I had a beard though... Maybe I'm going to start drifting into the beard cult. lol

But yeah I was in this nice dark toned apartment I was looking out of the window at the skyline of my city. It was breath taking, I had a stunning yet subdued living area, quaint kitchen, small but not too small bathroom, and one hell of a bedroom. Satin sheets for the win! It ended there though in those few seconds. I want to get there.

Maybe I will, so I'm going to stick to the plan and get my certificate. And someday I'll make it. Someday there will be a storm and I'll have a window to look out at the dim sky, lowly skyline, and lightning with the thunder. I'll look out and know that my life has come to where it needs to be, to where I wanted it to be.

After all, completing college wouldn't be worse than to not follow through. I love life sometimes. I'm thankful for where my God and my family have led me. Motivation is a truly great thing.


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I've been having doubts about my future, and reading this made me really happy and also made me feel a bit better. :) So thank you for that!

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Your welcome,

I'm always glad when people sometimes say that what I wrote helped them to feel better about things. :-)