Gespenst Van Die Nacht

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I wanted to write about what I dreamt last night. I kept waking up to sounds of someone walking around who doesn't live here, at least not anymore perhaps. I thought at one point my hand was being gently squeezed around 03:00, I moved my hand a bit and it ceased. I heard foot steps, not much else.

I'm probably going to sleep peacefully tonight what with my sleeping pattern lagging. This doesn't happen too often but it's ok when it happens. At least I don't need to wake up early the morning after and it's the weekend so it's all fine. If only I could remember what it was that I dreamt. It seems as it flew away from my memory.

It held a significance that I may never again know. Funny thing how dreams can be so vivid, and we remember their vividness; yet they fade as fast as they were conjured by our subconcious.


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I don't know if you believe this stuff,

but I've had spirits in my house and during that time I had several dreams similar to that one. The 3:00 mention is rather prevalent, as that time of the day paranormal activity is at its highest, so something might be trying to communicate with you.

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That's actually really

That's actually really creepy, because, as ElsaGabor said, 3 o'clock is the demonic witching hour and that's when spirits and the like tend to party. If I had been in your position, I would've freaked out. I can watch any horror movie about this topic, but when it comes to facing it in reality, I just...can't. It scares the hell out of me. I watched a couple YouTube videos about paranormal stuff and I couldn't sleep at all :\

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Paranormal... just for fun?

Or... do I sense that you truly believe?

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Let's just say...

...I keep my mind very open to all possibilities.

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It's no trouble at all,

just a visitor from a time long past probably. Nothing scary.