Goeie Dag In Die Sud-Oos

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Today started out quite nice even though I felt like I was hit by a truck again. Damn mattress. I had updated my old notebook the day before with some needed updates to the operating system and security work to the browser and firewall. I love working on that old thing. Always something new to improve on it. :-)

I swept upstairs today since there was a fair amount of my winter hair shed up there... lol Figuratively of course, but there was so much hair! So I feel a little more neat since I cleaned. Oh! I just remembered. Some piece of crap roach dropped an egg capsule on my bureau and there were little roaches on it!

I managed to kill of most of the little roaches. I also nuked the shit out of my bureau with Lysol. No more roach problems other than that though. But it's like my mom said, everytime my sister comes over she brings German Cockroaches with her. I guess it's definately true. How sad that they come with her though.

Sometimes I wonder what's up with my sister. I just wish she'd get her shit together. Of course we all know you can't just wish for something like that. Anyway, I still feel good about my Father. I just can't ignore him or anything, he's my Father. What an interesting life he leads without a doubt. His friends are cool too. lol

Anyway I was mainly just cleaning the house today and screwing around. I have some new strings on my old guit-box. Some nice red nylons on my classical guitar and I kept the old brone-wound basses. Those things just will not wear out! If only everyone was aware of how superior in quailty and how durable broze-wound basses are.

Shitty ass silver-plated copper basses are simply no match. Just one more quick thing, I have this new baby-blue t-shirt with a photo of a sleeping polar bear cub on it, it's so cute! :-)
Until next time Goeie Dag alle!

- Lone Wolf