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1st of ive made a few poems:

Night after Night, Day after Day:

Parents Don't Understand:


In My Dreams :

Peace Will Come:

2nd of all ive noticed the easiest way to grasp my opinions on things is too go through this folder and you will honestly learn most of my opinions:

3rd and lastly, im still in a MEH mood ive tried alot to shake the fucking mood off literially its like one man pushing a fully grown blue whale back into water


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Ah, abortion. I think that

Ah, abortion. I think that as long as you do it soon enough when the thing inside you is just developing tissue then it's fine. It's the woman's body, so it's really her choice. But when women get abortions when the baby is almost fully, that's just cruel. I mean, our world is populated enough. It's not like we desperately need more babies in it.

Also, I totally know that feel, bro. Seeing Brittany lifted the mood and now the mood is back. I AM JUST SO BORED. All I do is surf the web, watch TV, eat a bunch of junk, and sleep. I am so very meh as well. I want school back.

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i say

as long as the fetus can be removed safely and the women wasn't forced into it its fine.

me and you are practically the same except schools over for me