I suppose I should write the obligatory father journal

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My dad is awesome.

Sometimes he's really stubborn and old-fashioned and doesn't really know how to handle me crying and stuff, but mostly, my dad is really fair.

I have no idea sometimes how he stands being married to mom when she's all cranky, though... He's a trooper. He's a good guy yaknow?

Like, dad works his ass off for us, comes home, relaxes, repeat. He's just all around good, and I don't think people like that are often appreciated? He's super chivalrous, too, so he calls other younger girls "hun" or "sweetheart" or "miss" but he's not a creeper, just super polite, and sometimes I can tell they're having a little heart attack when my dad approaches them to make sure their car lights will turn off so their battery doesnt die and leave them stranded, or etc.

I mean dad is the ultimate good guy greg.

I also kinda love how he watches me play games, and he's kind of annoying (but that's a dad's job), and he'll give me shit about things if I mess up too much. Or how he flips me off if I'm giving him playful sass :P

Idk. Dad does a lot of good things for me I forget to appreciate. Like when I got really sick, he just randomly went out and bought me some fruit punch. Like, aww. How nice is that?

He's got his flaws, but overall, my dad is really great if you don't piss him off. He's just kind of a stubborn bastard sometimes ;) but besides that, I'm real lucky to have 'im.


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D'awww. All these sweet

D'awww. All these sweet Father's Day journals are lovely to read. Your dad sounds like a pretty awesome dude :)

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Haha, he really is.

I love when we're out driving or something, and he'll say shit to my mom like "wow kimmie with how fast you took that turn... I'm suprised the car didn't tip over! you have some serious driving skills!"
and she'll just be all pissed but we'll be cracking up omg

He's like, ASAP. As sassy as possible ;)
That's redick!

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Did you tell him some of this stuff?!

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Haha, I tried to! I gave him a big hug :)

Dad's a pro. C:
That's redick!