I was in a documentary!

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Check it out!


It's just a local thing - one very beautiful person at my school made this documentary about coming out and being out here. It's kind of long, and I don't think I represent myself very well in it (the best things I had to say, I didn't say because of the warning that 'This will be on YouTube, so there is a chance your family might see it'), but here it is...


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congrats :)

i was on the news twice, but never been on youtube

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Awesome. I didn't watch the entire thing, but I watched about half of it. Very nicely done.

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It's very long...

...but a production that expressed true quality!

I've yet to go back and view it in its entirety... but from what I have seen, only one nit to pick: I must acknowledge my great difficulty in understanding the allure of unusual body adornments... in this instance, the rather large lower lip ring. Maybe with time... :)

The English subtitles were great! They should be in all such productions; they help so much in making out that critical word that may have been frustratingly indistinct!

Could you tell us at what time position you appear!

btw... I think mine was the first comment to appear... :(

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I saw this entirely, it's

I saw this entirely, it's excellent. :)

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Wow, thanks for watching!

Yeah, she did a really good job on this. I found the interlacing a little excessive - giving only a very short snip of each interview at a time, alternating between them throughout the film... might have been better to do that a little less extremely.

I'd never seen Julienne's interview before; it wasn't in the screening at school. I've seen her around, never really talked to her though. Fabulous person.

I think my favorite of the interviews would have to be the minister. A queer-friendly religious leader, that's a very important and underrepresented thing.

My first appearance is at 22:11, but, thanks to the interlacing, I don't actually say anything remotely substantial until 26:35. I wish I could have told about the bathroom situation, and about how accepting, even indifferent, the community was. I feel like that would have been a better contribution than anything I actually did say - but I didn't want to risk my family finding out. But I don't think my family will ever see this, so I wish I had told. Ah well.

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Are you the girl around 5:40?

If that's you, I am completely awesome.

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Are you being sarcastic or something? I utterly fail to see how that being me would make you awesome. She is pretty awesome, but that's not relevant at all, since she is neither you nor me. And I don't see any reason for you to think she would be me...

Like I said, I don't appear until 22:11. I'm the blond kid named Avity, with sort of a brick wall and a periodic table in the background.

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It would make me awesome because it would mean I got it right.

And the reason I thought that was you was the clothing she was wearing. You said you wear that type of clothing. And I didn't see the time that you wrote. I will now go to the section you're in.

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You have a periodic table

You have a periodic table wall?
That makes you awesome. :O