In bad times you see who's real

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On Tuesday some girl from the other class pulled out my writing therapy notebook and passed it to some friend when someone told me: "Whats this Daniel?" and I immediately ran for it because they were on the page were I wrote my big crush for Nico and the one who had it threw it to the bitch that got it out and I went to her and she didn't let me reach it until I grabbed her head and pushed it until it hit the floor. She ran away as I grabbed my things and went to other place when some teacher reached me and we talked.

The next day my best friend told me that a supposed best friend said "Daniel is a mommy and daddy's son and they give him everything. It's time to make him eat shit!" and she said more shit about me, the good thing is that my friend replied something that made her stay with her mouth shut and that bitch told everyone that I slapped her, punched and kicked her. I had a reunion with the principal and other people, skipped art class because going to class was a bad idea. Ended up home thinking of killing myself and Started cutting

On Thursday the I had a reunion with the same people and my mom. They decided to suspend me on Friday.

Friday: suspended all day and missed my two final exams for physics and Spanish plus I'll get a 0, didn't do shit, met the new vice principal and read all the time and my group director had a talk with my class and told them that she was really defrauded with my class reaction and stuff like that.

Today my mom told me if I wanted to change school and I'm doing it depending on this week, but I'm thinking of trying and if I get out of that shitty school I'll tell Nico what I felt for him.


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Classmates can suck,

Classmates can really suck sometimes. Sorry to hear this fiasco caused so much trouble for you. She shouldn't have taken your notebook like that. You really shouldn't have gotten too physical with her,either. The authorities are going to react like they did to avert what they perceived as a violent reaction. I can understand your frustration, but, I don't understand why you needed to cut yourself. There are other, more productive ways to channel your anger. Hopefully things will settle down for you. They won't let you take your finals? That's harsh.

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I know

I shouldn't had to react like that, but in that time my body took authority and it's a problem that I have. Feelings have been fucked up plus my mom making me feel bad and at the same time making me feel good and I just don't know.
With my finals, my teacher talked with the directives and tomorrow they'll tell me if I get a 1.0 or let me do them later.

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At Least you understand.

Everyone makes mistakes. That's all this is, a mistake. Testosterone can make you do some crazy shit, believe me I know. Just be more careful with personal notebooks,diaries, etc. Mother's can do that to you, even after you get out of school. I can attest to that.

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So much trauma...

I'm really sorry that you've had these very turbulent few days...

Hope all turns out well! Work on it!

Sometimes one's classmates can be so thoughtlessly cruel...