its been a while since i posted...

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ill start with some sad news, Eduard Khil also know as the Trololololol guy died today due to stroke.

im in a rump, im too i don't know how to say it other then "meh" to do anything now :L, just sitting on my bed on my laptop is my life now, unfortunately.

nothing else just meh


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Hey Blair, i saw the news about Khil online. I didn't really know about him. I'm going to have to listen to the trololo song. Sorry to hear your all cooped up inside. If you need cheering up, take a look at my DA page. I posted a great picture of my dog on there. I was surprised I got the shot I did. I've tried on many occasions to get a picture of her with her ears up. Normally, her ears usually flop over unless she hears something or sees a squirrel or a raven(she hates ravens). If I hear a raven squaking in the trees, I say 'fuckin blackbirdy' and she goes nuts looking for it!

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hey, yeah he was funny as hell

and inspired trolls everywhere

i think the dogs cute, my dog likes Cats and Squirrels but hates big dogs with a passion, so i say "see the Cat/Dog/Squirrel" or "whos that" and she'll jump on the window table and look out the window.

if its a dog or a cat she hasn't seen before she'll bark at me till i say a name so she can know who the dog is.

she hates blackbirds too, they tease her, they fly just over her head and fly low so she can chase them but pull up and fly high, its quite funny to watch

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Yeah it's hilarious.

If the blackbirds take off,in flight, she looks up and literally will chase them to the next tree they land on. We have a cat too, Josie, it took a couple weeks after I brought Ember home for both of them to get used to each other. The minute I walked through the door with Ember for the first time,she went after Josie. I think they came to a mutual understanding though after Josie clawed the shit out of Embers nose. Now they like each other, but Ember will still chase other cats.

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my aunt has a cat and a dog

the dog (Hope) can cuddle and hug the Cat (Maisie) on Maisies terms

Millie likes cats, cats don't like her its like im a cat i hate you thing, im curious how did you come up with then name Ember?

this Name i like it, ANOTHER!

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Yeah, I heard about

Yeah, I heard about trolololol guy dying. My friend's little sister loooved him. She'll be devastated. What a shame.

I know what rumps feel like. Well, not butt rumps, but...yeah. Whenever I'm in a meh mood I go outside and get some fresh air, take a walk maybe. I can tell you that being glued to your laptop and sitting around won't improve your mood. Or you could do something you enjoy. Write a poem. Read, maybe? I don't know about you, but reading helps me. Just get up and do something.

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i did write on

part of my rump is that i can't write and ive got a story to finish too, can't go outside, its Scottish Summer the plants will declare war on my sinuses and eyes, its Pollen everywhere id just collapse

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Wasn't my choice.

Ember was actually my sister's idea. I was adamant about not giving her a run of the mill name, like spot or something like that. I adopted her from a mspca pound and they had given her the name Josie. Well, I had a cat named Josie already and it didn't fit. She was the most beautiful dog in the pound. All the other dogs were barking and jumping up, Ember was just lying down in her cage with a look on her face that said to me 'Get me the fuck outta here'. I leashed her and took her for a walk and the pound had a fenced pen where you could play with the dogs. I kicked a soccer ball for her and she loved it. That's pretty much all she wants to do when I take her out. One of the few things I ever agreed with my sister about, so that's where her name came from.

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I think I went through six soccer balls in less than two weeks, so I switched to what is actually a hard rubber ball that's normally used for horses. She can kill a soccer ball in less than a day!

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my dog

can waste paper in 0.000000000000001 milliseconds SHE CAN.

if you leave 5,000 pieces of paper and leave her for 10 seconds THEY ALL WILL BE RIPPED UP and she'll lie there like "it wasn't me" she actually eat my 25 page eassy once and i left it for 20 seconds max

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You must of shit when she tore up your essay! I guess I'm lucky then, Ember chewed one of my mother's foam sandal's once, I think she was traumatized by my mother's sonic scream(soul piercing) and she hasn't chewed anything in the house since. She does like to dissect her squeaky chew toys. She'll gnaw on them until she get's the plastic squeaky thing out.

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yeah, thank god it was saved on the Computer

lol, Traumatized by a Super Sonic Scream just Glass everywhere XD