It's often interesting...

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How things play out...Honestly. I mean, about three years ago now, I was at a house party @ a friend's in seattle, and a kid who had bullied me all through elementary school, along with most of the other kids, up until I changed school districts for other reasons...but anyway, he recognized me, I didn't recognize him.

But one of the first things out of his mouth was how sorry he was for how much of a dick he had been to me back then. Turns out, now he is a pretty chill dude, not homophobic @ all, and one hell of an artist and dancer. he does a lot of poppin', which is body movement type stuff, like the robot haha. but yeah. so that happened.

Then, one of the kids who used to call me a faggot almost daily and give me shit for being queer turns out the be the biggest flaming homo in the world. He wouldn't accept my friend request on facebook, not sure why, as he's a co-worker of my mom's son, but he definitely is gay now.

His profile pic is him standing suggestively over another guy in his bikini style underwear. And my mom told me he was gay for sure. lol.

Then, tonight...My friend Michael, who I guess is now more an acquaintence than a friend, apologized to me for the fact that he just stood by and let our other mutual friends say the kinda shit that they did.

Sometimes michael could be an asshole, it's true, but I could be just as bad back. but not that often.

He is also the kid I am suspecting may be gay as of late, as his roomate in ellensburg is clearly gay, he does seemingly gay stuff all the time in pics, and all of his good friends since high school are chicks.

but anyway, it was cool that he apologized and acknowledged years later that it happened.

His dad also died this last week, so that was hard for him, and I could relate to it, as I nearly lost my dad several times over the past few years, and I could relate to having to choose whether or not to pull the plug...

it kinda made us closer, I think.

ANyway, talking to him tonight on facebook got me thinking about things...and it had me thinking back. He told me I was so strong for putting up w/ all the shit I did back then. and I was. But I was also soo very close to giivng in. So many times.

I guess tonight, these two songs by redlight king kinda describe my life back then, and in a way, my life today still. enjoy.

I encourage you guys to listen to them if you are going through a rough time or need some good music to lift you up. good stuff, and fairly new band.

well, that's it for now. Night.



I just think it is funny how these things work out, the world is weird sometimes.


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Not sure how that last part got cut off...

by the youtube links. lol


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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that definately is interesting. :-D