Just a test post...

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This morning I find that all journals disappear from view after logging in. I'm writing this journal just to see if it will appear... and possibly jog the system into working properly...

It's the "logging-in" process that seems to cause the problem. If one is not "logged in" the journals appear as normal (but often with the most recently posted journal not appearing... this being a long-standing fluke).

Jeff has been notified: email and PM!

This entry will be deleted once I find the system is working properly...


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Oasis back up as of ~3PM EDT today!


Let's hope it doesn't crash again after posting this (as it did immediately after the above journal)!

Thanks Jeff... and also thanks to your buddies at the server in South Africa!

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The site...

was in the midst of crashing last time you were posting, no reason to think it's fragile now.

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