Just feel like writing a journal tonight...

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Nothing majorly Oasis-worthy... just life stuff. Totally disjointed, a bit mood-whiplashing, life stuff.


The past few days, I've been making a Roman army costume for no real reason. It's pretty awesome.
It all started with the helmet, which I made from cereal boxes and masking tape during Dead Week for no real reason (I'm sure I should have been studying, but hey, I got all As regardless!), and then I guess I just thought, Damn, this is a nice helmet, maybe I should be a Roman for Hallowe'en, although I kind of want to be the Stupid Deaths man for Hallowe'en, but let's make the rest of the Roman armor anyway.
So that's what I've been doing. The rest of it's not cardboard, either - it's all leather and cloth, although I did include some cardboard details to try to unify it with the helmet. And over the past three-ish days I've pretty much finished it - just need to figure out how to fasten the cloak and what to do about shoes.

So I'm pretty proud of this whole thing... Largely because it's been completely my project - no prompting, no help, no advice. Just me and my ideas and my skills and materials we already had around the house. And sometimes my brother to model it for me so I could admire my work, although I guess I could have modeled it myself. When I told him he could borrow it if ever he wanted, his attitude was sort of a 'Why would I ever want to borrow that?' but as soon as he tried it on he suddenly decided it was cool, and considered borrowing it for Hallowe'en. Like, no. I'm wearing that on Hallowe'en. Maybe wear the Roman armor all day and then be Stupid Deaths man at night or something, just have two Hallowe'en costumes because one Hallowe'en per year isn't enough and my town has outlawed Mardi Gras, which might be like a second Hallowe'en if it weren't banned.

(I just love Hallowe'en, okay! So what if it's only June now and I'm already thinking about it! Last year my friends decided what I would be for Hallowe'en all the way back in April, so.... )
(Oh and somebody - might have been Leah or might have been Darth Maul - suggested that on Hallowe'en we go door-to-door trick-or-treating at the on-campus apartments, just to have fun and weird people out. Except that most of them will probably be out drinking and partying because they mysteriously think that is more fun than running around in costume and remembering it the next day? But regardless, I hope we do it anyway.)


Today I told my mom, because I thought it was amusing, "I finally heard an explanation for why girls go to the bathroom together: Hermione went alone, and she got attacked by a troll. Oh, and Myrtle went alone, and she got killed by a basilisk."
Mom said that it's because they are afraid of being attacked, by rapists ambushing them in the bathroom. Well that's.... dark. And I find it a little hard to believe, too. I mean, elementary-school girls who have no idea what rape is, they go to the bathroom together. I knew a girl in elementary school who preferred to bring a friend into the stall with her. It's just a mysterious female behavior.... I'd like to think that it's just because girls are social creatures who can't bear to part company long enough to take a pee?

Also, how can you be afraid of the women's bathroom in a familiar place like a school? I just don't get it. Maybe just because I've gone to far scarier bathrooms, and that didn't stop me from going alone. I once (twice? I don't remember) went to shower (so, naked) in a men's bathroom in a campground in Louisiana. At night. Alone. Yeah I was a little scared, but I still did it, because the alternatives were going without a shower after at least four or five days without already, using the women's room (the only thing that actually gives me gender dysphoria), or letting my family know that I don't use women's bathrooms. And nothing bad happened whatsoever.



Sage, our dog, is dying.
She won't live until we get back from vacation, that much is clear, so, if she doesn't just die on her own time before we leave, we're planning to have her euthanized before we go.
You know what it's like; you've had pets probably. I don't need to try to explain.
It's a rough time. For all of us. I don't know how the cat's going to survive; she cries at the door when Sage so much as goes outside to pee.
Love that dog, so much. We all do. You know how it is.


Going to Regi's graduation tomorrow. Wonder how she feels about it; I remember I was overwhelmed last year when it was me. Well, congratulations to Regi! And next year we'll be roommates, so... yay!


Good night....


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I never go to the bathroom

I never go to the bathroom in public places, but all of my friends never really ask me to go to the bathroom with them when I'm out with them. I think it's something only a certain kind of girl does. I honestly think they use the buddy system so they can take pics together and post it all over Facebook. "@ mcdonalds w/ mah bff. LOL <3 ya jessica!" Or whatever.

I'm very sorry about your dog. I've never had a pet die, but one ran off and another I lost to my dad. It sucks. The bond people have with their pets is very unique.

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I can't find the letters in your new logo.

The old one was more apparent.

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Girls go to the Bathroom together?

never heard of it and never seen it, must be a American Thing

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I always thought females go

I always thought females go to bathrooms together because they wanted to gossip in there... some weird perverse kind of bonding.

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I thought...

They stripped down to their baby dolls, and did each other's hair after their pillow fights?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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The irony...

... is women go to the rest room in packs and then complain there's a line. Yeah, you're bringing a line with you...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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actually you know what i just realised

women go to the bathroom in pairs, as in inside the bathroom

while at least in Scotland, Men do the same except one stays outside sort of like a security System.

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And all those reasons fall under the category of 'Girls are social creatures,' not 'fear of rapists/trolls/basilisks/dangers.'

And Tycoondash, it's not just an 'American thing' - Goblet of Fire, chapter 22, page 396 in the first American edition: "But every time he glimpsed Cho that day - during break, and then lunchtime, and once on the way to History of Magic - she was surrounded by friends. Didn't she ever go anywhere alone? Could he perhaps ambush her as she was going into a bathroom? But no - she even seemed to go there with an escort of four or five girls." Hogwarts happens to be in Scotland. Rowling herself is Scottish, isn't she? It happens where you are as much as where I am; you're just a bit oblivious. It happens most everywhere.
Oh and men do that standing-outside-the-door thing everywhere too. Sorry, mate, Scotland's just not as different from the rest of the world as you think it is.

Anarchist - it's Gallifreyan. I didn't know that that was a serious fictional language (you know, like Klingon or Tolkein Elvish), but I downloaded an application that claims to transliterate into Gallifreyan, and I thought it looked pretty. It is still supposed to be my name, but I would be incredulous if anyone could read it.

Radiosilence - thanks for the sympathy. Really.

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My sympathies,

I'm sorry your dog is dying, I know what it's like when something like that happens. :-(