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So I've been a bit of a ghost lately, of course. I've checked in here though from time to time checking on the climate and the recent near crashing of the site. Anyway I figure I'd write a bit. It was my father's birth-day recently, I had no idea until the "last minute" and went to my library and gave him an old book on the Iberian Peninsula.

I think he liked it, he does love to read. Sad how that day he had to busy himself with yardwork to distract himself from his own problems at his apartment. Sad, but it's his life and he knows what he can do to solve his problems. I feel bad for him, but he makes choices to do so and thus I concern myself not with consequenses of his debaucherous ways.

A man whose advice he heeds not himself is truly one in need... Moving on, pride coming up this weekend! Still no one I can find to go with, and I still find the idea of going alone and not telling anyone a bit risky. But then again I'm sure I can find someone soon to go with, perhaps maybe M. And if not I guess I could skip pride, there's always next year!

Also, my sleeping patterns lately have been shit but I'm conditioning myself on getting back to normal. And for those concerned, I've not had a visit from the Phantom of The Night. However I sometimes wake up in the night with sweat, I'm probably dreaming too hard or something. lol But nothing going on out of the average ordinary for myself.

My health has been good aside from allergies that have been appearing from the junk in the air due to the fires raging in the Western states. But I'm well and that is as well as I can be. I'd also like to hear from all of you collectively in the comments section. Please do let me know how you've all been in a short and sweet paragraph. :-)

And this means absolutely no journal jacking!


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I wish I was dreaming as

I wish I was dreaming as much as you've been, even if they end up being terrifying nightmares. I need those dreams because I plan on writing a book about them one day. The last dream I remember involved me being attacked by an alligator. Ha. Also, you could go to pride by yourself and meet new people, though that might be too overwhelming.

Short, sweet paragraph: I've been working on a short story and hanging out with Brittany as much as possible, which has been a lot more often than what I expected. I'm taking a break from poetry to focus on fiction. Been doing a lot of reading and I sleep in until two in the afternoon everyday :P