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So, Hollywood Undead is starting to grow on me. Mainly "Bullet" and "Turn Off The Lights". "Everywhere I Go" is kinda nifty xD

So this furry guy I have a crush on is texting me while he's babysitting. Our friendship is odd. He /knows/ I like him, and surprisingly, he's still talking to me! It's pretty cool, and the fact that I don't think he's absolutely straight is giving me hope xD

I mean, he has a gay furry porn tumblr. Yeah. *pukes rainbows*

I'm trying to get more fit and active and shizz, so I'm limiting myself to one soda a week, and when we go out to eat I always get a salad. I'm drinking a lifewater right now, sooooboorreeddd T_T

Summer's been pretty boring but OHMYGLOB I PASSED CHEMISTRY. I got my report card for the year in the mail and I got a D-, C+, C-, and C. That means I passed! FUCK YEAH! It was such a horrible year for me. Became addicted to cutting again, suicidal thoughts, depression, not to mention my mom got fired, and the horrible teachers (my class single-handedly fired two teachers. Yeah, it was that kind of year.) and my sister with her giving birth and troubles with the real dad of the kid trying to talk to her when she left him because he's Schizo and Bipolar and other things.

But I came out for the most part. I think that's the highlight of the year. I sit with my mom when she's on Pinterest and I judge her "Mmmmm" file because EW GERARD BUTLER. Lololololololol.

I'm kinda just rambling because I wanted to make an entry but I have no idea what about.

So bye now. xD


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Haha, if you think your mom

Haha, if you think your mom liking Gerard Butler is bad, my best friend was obsessed with him sophomore year. OBSESSED.

Congrats on passing chem, by the way!

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Congrats on passing Organic

Congrats on passing Organic Chem! c:

And oh god, my friend is obsessed with Darren Criss. She has been this whole year. (And the rest of his StarKid crew)
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Hollywood Undead is...okay.

Hollywood Undead is...okay. They have like three good songs. But I'm not really a fan of the rap/rock fusion unless it's Rage Against the Machine.

Ohmygod Chemistry was horrible for me too! I mean, I got all A's, but I bullshitted the entire year. I basically had to teach myself how to do shit because my teacher, who happened to be a lesbian but who totally looked like a mole, didn't really teach. And she was in a pissy mood ALL YEAR LONG. Seriously, she would act irritated for no reason. Chemistry is one of the many banes of my existence, right next to German and Calculus.

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Yeah, the three songs I

Yeah, the three songs I listen up above are the only ones I like so far. >.>

Yeah, our teacher was fresh out of college, didn't know a damn thing, so everyone just read their books to learn what was going on. Turns out there were a few things she was teaching /wrong/, and we brought it up to the Principal. His response? That we should respect her and what she tries to do for us. >_> Second half of the year she was pissy and irritable too.
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you tell me that furry porn account

is it closetfurfag by any chance?

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No it is not c: And he

No it is not c:
And he doesn't post anything on there, but I checked his Tumblr likes one time on that account and oh gOD so much gay porn.
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