my Super hero OC

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you see i have a Super Hero OC (well ive got a lot of ones ive made, but one true OC) i call him Blacklight, see im going to write a story for him and i need your opinion.

would it be a good idea to make him have amnesia and can't remember how he got his powers all he knows that its someones fault and when he finds out hes going to make them pay dearly for it.

along the way he slaughters countless amounts of the Night Watch army who seek to kill him of course they can't, but his creator, Creates a newer version of him More powerful than him, out of a man whos life Blacklight ruined accidently of course.

and all along the way he discovers his past and clears the streets of the evil Night Watch and fights with the Villian who i call Update (you'll get it when the story comes out).

does it sound decent?


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Oooh it sounds really cool.

Oooh it sounds really cool. You should let us read when it's finished! What are his superpowers?

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Regeneration, Limited Shapeshifting, slightly more Agile and a bit stronger, and a great ability to jump than average, hes not very smart but hes brutal and driven

altogether i have 15 superheros/heros and 32 supervillans/villans so far and 4 of which are enemies of Blacklight

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Why not empathy? You have something against that? Couldn't he/she become the champion of those without friends or love...?

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in this story

he just wants vengeance at any cost, but i may add that into a sequel

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Very Good!

Sounds like your onto something with that idea. That's a lot of characters too. Lots of possibilities.

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ive mixed up the powers too

one of my ideas is for Optius a normal person who posesses a staff of solid gold that can fire lasers and be used as a deadly weapon, so he has no powers by himself, so my idea is to put him up against Big Rig and Torpedo one has super strength and one has super speed making it hard for him

im doing a similar thing with Blackwatch all the Villans will have advantages over him but he'll have some over them