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I could close my eyes, but I could not shut out the thoughts in my head. They were not depressing thoughts, or by any means important, but they simply materialised as this cascading chain that followed one another. At one point I could vividly "play" a game of tetris in my mind, I could remember the position of each block, piling up in lines one by one, and the squares even carried their own separate colours.

This would go on for what seemed like a solid hour. Then someone came and talked to me, so I "paused" my game of tetris and gave him a hug. After a stimulating conversation, I thought it must be awfully late already - until I checked my watch and realised the whole thing had only been a few minutes.

- - - - -

What's new (and hopefully remotely interesting):
- Just finished my exams, finally.
- My new position on the exec is still ongoing; we had a crazy meeting on Monday night. People got very emotional. It was really serious too, in terms of liabilities people might have.
- Reconsidering my bid for the VP position next year.
- Okay, this is interesting, I promise. I'm having dinner with the Freemasons next week. Yes, the Freemasons! They even invited me to attend their "meeting". Not quite sure what to expect.
- Still no "progress" on the boy. Although he did add me on facebook. Waiting for the chance to message him, but he never seems to be online. I'm less smitten now, but if anything happens it would still be nice. D says I should wait and make a move in person next Monday at this faculty party (after the Freemasons thing).
- J invited me to attend this political conference in July. It would be super good for networking, but I would have to subscribe officially to the political party - so I have my reservations... (ie. subscribing to the Republican Party to network... would you? But it's more complicated than that, because even if I agree with their policies I need to be perceived as "independent" to reduce apparent bias for the work I do)
- So, I'm supposed to be on "holiday" as of today - but there's still a bunch of crap to do. Instead of writing this journal I should be reviewing my universities long-term strategic plan which is actually due tomorrow (and it's 3am already and it's also fucking long). Like, it's weird because I know what sort of students the university wants to recruit (and not want to recruit) in the next few years, where their funding is going (and not going), and which policies from which colleges they're trying to emulate. It's weird because I'm having a say in this? Like last year I thought choosing majors was a hard enough decision.
- Mother is visiting in a week. Already "processed" my thought on this one in another journal.
- Also, going to another debating tournament in three weeks. This one is the second-biggest in the World, after Worlds, so really looking forward to that!
- Need to exercise and save up more money. But I'm in a "good" mood so I'll probably write about this another time.

So life has been up and down but it's probably an "up" right now, despite a lot going on, and I felt like jotting it all down as some sort of "reminder".


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I'm a fan of your junk. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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is there ever a oppertunity you don't miss

teach me your ways old wise one

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