ohh man...

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Soo tired right now. So, I slept all friggin' day and loved it. finals kicked my ass, adn yes, again, I am failing, even though I am trying. Hate my life in that regard.

So here I am, it's two AM, and I am having to re-bleed and re-install the hydraulic brakes on my bike, with the wrong tools, and tired as hell, for a ride that may or may not happen tomorrow afternoon.

FML. just went to wally-world to get some zip-ties and some parts, and hit wendy's on the way back. Now to enjoy a cold one before finishin g up my bike, get about 3.5 hours of sleep, wake up early and hit the road for a two hour drive up to the trails.


Hope y'all had a good night.

Oh, also. kids in WA who can vote or influence your parents to vote, vote yes on 74 next time around!