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Gonna try and keep this short, but just went on date with a SUPER cute guy. He's the really cheeky type but also very genuine at the same time, and I think I like him more than I thought I did. He's really quite honest about how he feels about me too, not too many mind games, man he is so adorable.

He's slightly shorter than me but still reasonably tall (I'm quite tall, so I'd say he's about 180cm tall), and he's super skinny... like SUPER SKINNY, which I kind of like, but he seems really quite self conscious about it. Like there is something really hot about just how skinny he is, like there's not a single tiny bit of fat (or muscle) on him! It also makes his facial features really defined, he's got really nice cheekbones and a straight nose with a high bridge which is just wow. He has hazel eyes, really pale skin and very dark brown/black hair. Oh my God I think I'm in love? He just needs to sort out what he wears, it looks like his mother dresses him? Nothing I can't fix later...

We got coffee, chatted for ages, and made out. No sex, at least not yet. I met him over the weekend, and he was super worried that I didn't like him and my god I was super worried he didn't like me either! But everything worked out fine! What's even weirder is that he remembers me from the beginning of last year (yes 2011)! Apparently I had judged a debate of his, and he also watched me in a show debate and he told me he had a crush on me from that but he had no idea I was gay back then (this shit is cray, apparently he referred to me as the "cute debating guy")! So he already "knew" me for over a year when I met him at the party last week. I was still with T back then, I vaguely remember the debate.

Ok so I really really like him. Argh, where to go from here?


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meet up for coffee?

Again soon? Or a political debate? seems liek there was definitely some recent turmoil in your home country, from your post about a month back, max....

I say go for it man, he obviously likes you, you obviously like him...why not?


Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Ya, will hang out with him

Ya, will hang out with him again. Just not sure when. My mother is visiting tomorrow. Have to spend time with her!

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Very true...

Family should come first, especially in your family, since it seems your parents are rarely around due to being workaholics....;)

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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I truly hope this is not a dream. And... let there be no doubt: thin is in (just as long as it's not anorexic)! And you really like each other...!

Please... fully implement all your past resolutions!

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lol why would it be a

lol why would it be a dream

not quite sure which resolutions you are referring to though

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It shares all the characteristics of one!

But... I think this time it's real... and you both may have just struck "gold!"

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Sounds good. And this is a new boy, not the guy who is also a law student from a recent journal?

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