Periods will kill you.

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Everybody on here seems pretty angsty right now. I'm no exception. Nobody could make it to dinner tonight. Katie and Haylee are at some college trip thing all month and Judd made some lame excuse about conveniently forgetting it's Monday. I feel bad because I got really irritated with him and really snappy when he said he wasn't going, because he was my last hope for getting out of my house. He's never really seen my grumpy side before.

Of course this meant that Brittany and I weren't going. So I texted her and asked her if she wanted to hang out tonight. She didn't respond right away. And that just sent me into a rage. I am SO tired of not being able to hang out with Brittany. So. Tired. In a fit of anger and self-pity I grabbed my keys and went out for a drive. I just really needed to get out of my house, filled with typical teenaged restlessness.

The drive didn't help at all. If anything it made matters worse. I could feel the tears coming while I cruised through town so I rushed back home, shut myself in my room, and bawled my fucking eyes out. Why? I dunno. Like I said, I'm really sick of plans with Brittany falling through and I guess the disappointment finally got to me. This coupled with the fact that my period just started is a recipe for disaster. The disappointment would've been bad enough without my period here to intensify it exponentially.

It's one of those situations when you know you're crying about something petty and you know you're being irrational and that frustrates you so you cry even more. Not good. And then my mom came rushing into my room demanding to know why I was crying which added to the misery. During my period-induced fit of depression Brittany finally texted me back and said she was at her little brother's birthday party and we could hang out when it ends.

It's past 10 o'clock at night right now. The city curfew is eleven and I'd be lucky if I could convince my mom to let me stay out till twelve. So once again, things won't work out. When she texts me telling me the party's over I'm gonna fight to make plans for tomorrow or Wednesday or anytime this week. I just...I can't take this anymore. I can't handle the disappointment right now. I'm bored, lonely, trapped in my house, and on my period. I'm miserable. I'm definitely not falling into this cycle of making plans with Brittany and then being let down all summer long because that would KILL me.

Anyway. I got my glasses today and I look wicked awesome. I love wearing them. Everything looks much sharper and more defined.

I also saw Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend. I thought it would be an abomination to cinema, even by today's low standards, but it was actually pretty decent. It would've been far better if Kristen Stewart wasn't the lead role though. The girl is just SO DULL. She bores me to tears. So it was kinda hard to root for her as the heroine; Charlize Theron's role as the witch made the whole movie worth watching. I'm giving it a six and a half out of ten.


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Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the Brittany news... again. It seems like she always blows you off. And i know what that feels like... SHIT! And the whole period thing to top it off. Hahaha mother nature is after you! Hopefully you will hangout with her sometime this week though!
And wait WHAT?!?!? Snow White and the Huntsman was boring because of Kristen Stewart? No way!! If anything she should make the movie better!!

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Well it seems to me that she

Well it seems to me that she really does want to hang out, she just always seems to be busy. So at least I can take comfort in knowing that she's not trying to avoid me or anything.

I really hope you're being sarcastic. Kristen Stewart just can't act. Have you seen the Twilight movies? Zero emotions and zero facial expressions. She's really boring.

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Hahaha im definitely not

Hahaha im definitely not being sarcastic! I've seen all the Twilight movies... mulitple times. I guess it might just be because i think she is good looking so i don't really care about her acting! xD

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Really? Her looks don't do

Really? Her looks don't do anything for me. She looks as dull as she acts! :P

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Amen to that!

Amen to that!

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She acts like she's a psychopath...

No emotions at all |D No love, fear, hate, joy, anger, anything XP
That's redick!

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As a future psychology

As a future psychology major, I feel like she could easily be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder or something. I've never seen her smile or anything. It's kind of scary almost.

Either she has some severe psychological disorder, or she's a robot created by Hollywood to do their evil, high-budget bidding.

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Hahahahaha you guys are all

Hahahahaha you guys are all Kristen Stewart haters?? :oooo
............................................................................................................SCREW YOU :P