So, I told her.

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I told Aachoo, in a moment of impulsiveness, over texts.
I told her that I liked someone, and there was no chance, and whether I should tell them. She said that I should, since it wouldn't harm anything anyway. And then she was like, so, who is this lucky person ;)
And I said, you.
She was extremely cool about it, said that she found me a very comfortable person to be with, that it wouldn't change anything and that she didn't feel awkward or whatever. So, couldn't ask for a better reaction.
But I suddenly like her a lot more.
It's a bit overwhelming, because until now, I had been trying not to talk to her in an effort to distance myself. But that didn't work very well because every time we talked, I would feel it again.
So hopefully, now, I can truly move on.


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Well, congratulations for

Well, congratulations for doing something I haven't had the courage to do yet :P

And I think that by telling her you got something huge off your chest, and now hopefully you can be happy remaining friends, and now like you said you can move on. Is there really a need to distance yourself? Unless it's causing you too much stress and you're getting too caught up in how you feel.

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That's exactly why I wanted

That's exactly why I wanted to distance myself. The more I talked to her, or spent time with her, the more i liked her. So not talking as much seemed to be the logical thing to do.
Yes, now hopefully I can look out for other awesome people!
Or focus on getting a kickass career. Whichever is more interesting. :)