So today....I found summer!

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It's on the other side of the grass, er, more correctly, the mountains. It was definitely a mixed bag of emotions today. Some people who read my last journal will understand why.

Got up a little bit later than I ideally wanted for the drive into the mtns, and then, once I got to the sound and got to the ferry, I realized I had left some parts for the bike @ home, and I had to run back, causing me to miss my boat.

then, Once on the ferry, I realized yet again, my half awake ass had left some other essential-ish items to mtn biking @ home yet again. God damn it!

So, after downing 3 coffees from the commuter comforts bar @ the ferry, I headed out, 3 hours late.

No replies from the friends I was supposed to meet there, so I was going blind.

Lucas didn't make it out to the trail today, and chris and eric both got called into work, so basically the crew that were supposed to shuttle me up the trail in a truck all day did not show.

I drove the back way into the mtns, over snoqualmie pass and into the higher altitude. surprisingly, my car did very well today.

I stopped off in cle elum around 2, and met up w/ my friend C, who said he wanted to ride, but apparently the lines got crossed somewhere between us.

He is one of the old mechs from my old shop, and lives in this redneck ass little town in the middle of fucking nowhere, and he showed up to the bar we were meeting at about an hour or more late.

We took a quick ride around his hometown, and he showed me some great spots he and his friends had built.

Although my bike wasn't setup properly, I sent the small-ish roadgap they had set up over a fire road. I cased the shit out of the landing, it coulda gone wayyy wrong.

anyway, hung out @ C's for a bit, then headed out to meet lucas @ the trail, going the back way to it.

Only prob was that I was going purely off of memory on how to get there, and the highway I had taken the last time when leaving was closed.

Finally got to the trail @ around 3:40 PM, and there was nobody...not a soul there! I knew Eric and Chris had to bail, but I at least expected to see lucas there.

anyway, Since not a soul was there, and I don't have 4X4 Anymore, I decided to pedal up the side of the mtn, and drop in from the top. It was beautiful...but next time, i am definitely bringing some DEET bug spray...they were vicious today.

I rode my bike up about 5500 feet or so, and yea, I am still really outta shape w/ like 26% body fat, so it was definitely a challenge, and I will be sore all week.

I am a little bummed my GoPro camera didn't record at all...something went wrong....but that's for the better. I was ridng like crap anyway.

I didn't jump anything big, since there was no one else there with me, because this trail, you are literally riding down the side of a mountain...TRUE MTB. sheer cliffs on both sides.

Once I got back down, I drank a beer for tony real quick, and then got on the road. I decided to head into leavenworth, since I haven't been there in a few years, so I took the long drive home.

LIstened to the eagles, 3rd eye blind, modest mouse, maktub, and a few other GREAT cd's I picked up from a local record store for cheap...and just soaked in the amazing views that only the northwest can offer up.

The snow was melting, waterfalls kissing the rocks, gushing through the past of least resistance.

Someone once told me life was a like a river, it ebbs and flows, and always ends out in the same direction...and it's kinda true.

I had to stop and think for a few minutes by stevens pass and skykomish, but it was definitely a peaceful drive, there were no issues w/ my car, and overall with the bike, and I didn't die! Yay!

Definitely going to have to do some more MOUNTAIN riding, rather than TRAILS more often this summer.

And, I may go hike up staircase state park next time, since it is probably among the most beautiful areas in the evergreen state, IMO.

anyway, im off to bed, and I have work in t-minus 8 hours.




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Sounds like,

you had a blast in the mountains. Sorry to hear about your friend Tony.
I've been dying to get up north myself, just for the peace and quiet. The skeeters are horrible this year! Here too. There's been just enough rain to keep the bastards alive. I've already gone through three cans of deep woods off this year.

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Three cans????

Damn! yeah, this trail had skeeters, small gnat like flies, and a few of those ones I don't know the name of, but they attempt to bury themselves in your arms, but aren't ticks...oh, and horseflies.

I am a bit pissed though...I thought I would have a video to share, but apparently my camera wasn't working and the memory card was also fail on my part.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman