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ive got Blacklight and Most Major Characters ready for the story but The Main Villain in this Story, Update, i need help with him, tell me if this is ok:

He was a High-Ranking Soilder where Blacklight was being held, after Blacklight escaped his Cell and slaughtered his way through the NightTEK Holding Building, he encountered Update before Update had got his powers which he was called Jack Hallson, so much like all the Night Watch Troops and Spec Ops in the building the had no idea how to stop Blacklight so they were pretty much all Slaughtered, he was severely wounded during the Brake Out.

During the fight, Jack's wife and child were accidently killed by Night Watch and blamed it on Blacklight, of course REVENGE!, so as Night Watch fails to contain the destructive power of Blacklight, Jack under goes a updated and more strength based version of what Blacklight did to become a super-powered Shapeshifter but with different powers.

- on there own both have Shapeshifting limited to their arms but Blacklight under the right conditions can shape shift his entire body while Update can only do his Arms

- Update is much stronger than Blacklight is (both FAR stronger than any human) but Blacklight has better agility and the ability to Uber Jump, while Update is not very agile and cannot jump high

- Update can regenerate at a faster rate than Blacklight can

- Their Shapeshifting is different,
Black light can make large, thick Sword like Blades while Update can make Thin, Long claws
Blacklight can make a Spear Whip, Blacklight can make giant Fists Blacklight can make a Dark Cannon, Update can make a needle fist that fires explosive Needles
Blacklight can make a wall of pure dark and Biomass that is weak but can aid him in Escape while Update can create shields of biomass on his arms to protect him

so they fight alot on various arenas as well as mutants and Black Watch fight too

he remembers everything, and denies what Blacklight has explained to him which is true, he blindly follows Mr. Black the leader of the Black Super Corporation and the mastermind responable for everything

what do you think


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Not sure if this is

Not sure if this is intentional but I sympathise with Update more so than with Blacklight. I don't feel like Update is the "villain" after reading that.

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Neither of them are truly bad, its just lack of better words

Blacklight wants to know what happened to him, so hes intent on bringing down the Black Corporation and make them pay, he he does bad things for the greater good

while Update is mislead thinking that Blacklight is bad, but its the Black Corporation that's bad, he does bad things unknowingly

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The Black Corporation is actually the villain here. Blacklight is the corporation's pawn as you describe him. Why then, is the coporation using Blacklight? What are their 'evil' intentions? Update is the victim/heroine intent on getting revenge for the death of his family at the hands of nightwatch? Is he a former nightwatch soldier? Who gave or how did he transform into Update?

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you mixed it up

Black Corp. is the evil corporation with all its sub-corps (Night Watch, Black Forces, BlackTEK, Black Holding Facilities etc)

No, Update is the Pawn, he was a Former Solider a Corporeal, when Blacklight escaped from Black HF 29, he slaughtered any person stupid enough to either attack or attempt to stop him, before Update became Update, he fired off a few rounds at Blacklight, so Blacklight attacked him, he slashed his stomach with one of his blades, Nearly Killing him, the Black Corp realized that the few Compainies of Night Watch inside were not enough.

so they brought in Jets and bombed the building, Updates wife and child were killed by the bombs of the Jets, Blacklight did not kill them, he set the events in motion but did not kill them.

after reviving Update they told him his wife and child were killed by Blacklight (they were not, Blacklight hates killing innocents) so Update vowed revange apon Blacklight and under went the Surgeries the experimental testing and a modified version of the the Black Serum which gave Blacklight his powers, it had a different effect and gave Update different powers and strengths and weaknesses.

but they used Updates rage to attack and destroy all the things they wanted removed (including Blacklight) after knowleadge that it wasn't easy to Kill Blacklight nor Update, as if you kill them they can and will just get back up (regeneration).

so Update is the pawn in the Black Corps master plans.

Blacklight is attempting to bring down the corporation to find out what they done to him and the people of the city and make them pay with they're lives nether are evil both do bad things for what they believe is true

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AH okay,

Aah okay, sorry about mixing that up. I just wanted a little more detail to get a better idea of the mechanics of the story. Sounds good though.

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ok, good

anything you think i should change to make it better?

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You may have already considered it, but possibly getting Update to work with Blacklight to take down the black corp? Are you aiming for a conclusion or maybe a cliff-hanger to continue the saga?

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i was going to end with a cliffhanger

to continue the next story but wasn't going to bring Update back to 4, as my idea for to is a new virus (Nova Black Virus) escapes into the city and mutates all humans (except for Night Watch, the Black Corp. and Blacklight) so mutants are roaming the streets but a larger mutant (3x the size of Blacklight) called Abomination retained intelligence and becomes Black Corps Newest Pawn his powers include, Super Strength, Regeneration, Invisibility, Spitting Acid and Commanding Mutants

then Lion, a man-animal created from a new serum and yet another pawn, he's just doing it for the money, his powers include, Climbing, Speed, Claws, Regeneration, Jumping, Agility and Super Sonic Roars

and lastly Weapon X the final creation and the best, he is more powerful than anyone so far. Update is back in this one and he is partially responsible for creating Weapon X but switches sides after he finds out whats going to happen to him and Him and Blacklight fight Weapon X before taking down Black Corp.

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My advice would be to write. Preparing to write is a creative, seemingly productive way to not write.

Also, a story is your artistic vision, so write it, find problems, fix it, write more. There is no other way.

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