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Just something that happened today...

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A few of my friends were arrested. No way to tell the whole story on here. Impossible to detail my views on the whole thing either.

I was in the crowd and, and I saw it unfold with my own eyes. I saw the police grab a protester by the leg to try and pull her from the crowd, all I could see was her leg, because the protesters were clinging onto her arm and not letting go, as if she would be torn apart, and the crowd goes wild. I will never forget that scene. And when I returned, there was blood on the pavement from someone's face being held down so hard against the concrete.

Regardless of whether I fully agree with the cause, or the method, I vividly remember everything.


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Further details here:

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if only the civilized nations

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This is so trippy. I've always pictured Max in handcuffs, but there were never police involved...

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oh Jeff

thats a good one