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It's been ages since I've updated this thing. Mainly because I haven't done anything apart from sleeping and reading all day for some time now!

But today went to an amusement park with some friends. Even though it was bloody hot, we had more fun that I remember having in a while..

I am starting to think I may still like this guy that I was flip flopping over for r some time. He is a very good friend of mine.
But my approach to this now is...I don't care!
It doesn't make any difference now, what I feel. I don't treat it as a big deal. I know that it will change soon, and I know that there is no point to this stuff, since most of us will be off to different colleges anyway.
And for now, friendship feels really good.
As for getting over the girl, (let's call her Aachoo,) it is happening, slowly. Sometimes I do think about her, but I have not felt as hopeless as I used to. So that's good :)
I thought this post would be really long, but I guess that's all I had to say.
To friendships and to new beginnings!


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Glad things sound like

Glad things sound like they've been getting better! Yeah, I think there are only two real ways to get over someone - time and finding new love. Other things are merely distractions, they work only to the extent that it might buy you more time or help you meet another special person, but beyond that I feel resistance and wishful thinking are the main causes of needless suffering.