words to plain, feelings so strange

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If I was in a movie, this would be the moment i light a fag and look solemn towards to the camera.

I'm feeling blue. I want to explain why, but Im struggling. And its not anything bad at all. Just that blue feeling washing in and out of me. For no real or concrete reason.

I think Im gradually going into a quiet madness. I have never been drunk or taken drugs, yet i have these moments of spontaneous dance that feel fuelled with rage, which i sometimes cant stop.

Also the word pretentious may be the death of me. oh god.


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Why may the word pretentious

Why may the word pretentious be the death of you?

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It is basically what a lot of people think i am, just because i like to analyse over stuff and have quite big ambitions for myself. Like when ever i go into detail on a topic, i have to say "i don't want to sound pretentious but......", it just gets to a point where it becomes really boring.

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Try another one...

Have you considered precocious?

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I'm a hypocrite

Sometimes I feel that we reduce and analyse things so that we can understand things so we feel like we are in control, but ultimately those are not reasons but merely justifications. At times I think it's good just to let your emotions overwhelm you as if they were natural, instead of trying to deconstruct them.