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I really need to start coming up with better titles.

So yesterday was Vans Couch Tour, which was lots and lots of fun. We'll skip the morning of that day because its is completely uninteresting :) It started to get fun when we we're driving over. I was sitting in the backseat of my friend Christy's beautiful Mustang Convertible with my friends Anuska and Ruby. I can honestly say it was the best 30 minutes I've had in years. The sun was out, the wind in my hair, hanging out with three wonderful, beautiful girls, and just having so much great conversation and laughter.

So we arrive at the venue (The parking lot of Katy Mills Mall; Yeah, its not a terribly big concert xD) and things are just starting to pick up. There were around 300 people when we got there, many of them skater and Scene Emo types. Tons of toned, shirtless guys with piercings and girls with nothing but their bathing suits on. Big hair on just about everyone, neon colors, it was a lively crowd. We walked around a bit, looked at all the booths set up and watched the skating competition that was going on, and then proceeded to a much needed smoke break.

One thing about Couch Tour is that every year it seems to become "Minors can Legally Smoke Day." I kid you not, about 3/4 of the crowd was smoking. I saw a freaking twelve-thirteen year old light up, with a cop no farther than six feet away. But when there's so many of us what are the cops going to do? Ticket all 300 of us?

At 4:00 the bands began to play, and they were very good surprisingly. The energy was good, there was tons of moshing and crowd surfing, so it was quite a fun time. What wasn't fun was when we got stuck at the dumb fucking mall for three hours because none of us could find a ride. (My friend with the car had left early) So that was a bit of a damper, but we finally made our way home and left with a really good day. Also, Anuska tells me she can come to Pride with me this year, which will be so much fun!

So that's it. Bye C:


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Vans Couch Tour? Never heard

Vans Couch Tour? Never heard of it. What bands were playing, or are they local bands that I wouldn't know?

Can't be around scene kids for too long. If I am I get way too annoyed. But that's just the scene kids around here, and I don't like to generalize. I'm sure there are plenty worth knowing. Glad you had fun!

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I actually don't remember

I actually don't remember what band were playing :O All I know is that Anarbor was supposed to be the second band, but they cancelled. One was from New York, that's about all I know. (We showed up late for both sets lol)

The scene kids are just as annoying here, but the skater kids are very nice, so we mostly hung around them :)

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One imagines...

This is different from Vans Warped?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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It's kind of like Warped's

It's kind of like Warped's little brother. It's much smaller, much less music, and mainly skating oriented. Also, it wasn't Vans it was Zumiez ( Another big skating brand) but Vans was a large sponsor, so I just assumed :)