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so i have my first ever job interview tomorrow for blacks - it is an outdoor specialist shop, though i hardly ever go camping! However i am DESPERATE for this job because of money, so i really want to get the job. So I would highly appreciate any advice on the interview part as i have never been to one before. It is for just a sales assistant position and the one thing i am scared is that i will be caught out by my knowledge of camping and stuff like that. I have done outdoor stuff before when i was younger and can fabricate this in more depth when talking about what sports i do too, though i don't know if they will throw me some strange questions on what tent is best for this weather or something! Any advice would again be very much grateful, thank you!!!


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While it is good to know some things in advance, it is really not likely they would expect you to know everything before you were hired. Keep things high level and general, if you can, so more about you loving being outdoors, and thinking it would be fun to help people get out of their everyday routine and enjoy nature.

I find that flipping the interview, if possible, often works well. So, at some point, ask them about working there. You've always enjoyed being a customer, but what is it like to work here? Good company? Good people?

If you can do that subtly, they shift into selling you on what a great opportunity it is, almost selling YOU on working there, and pretty much exposing what they are looking for in the process. Take in everything they say, and then just rephrase it back to them when they regain control of the interview.

Plus, it makes it sound like you don't just want A job, but you want THAT job, which is attractive to them.

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